Past Memories – Chapter 8

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Martouf clasped Samantha’s hand as he weaved his way through the Tok’ra equivalent of the SGC’s mess, pulling Samantha along behind him. His other hand balanced his food as he searched for a table to sit at, he did and as he began to make his way there, he observed many Tok’ra smiling happily or laughing softly at either their joy at his finding another mate and Jacob’s daughter no less or at the rather goofy grin Martouf was wearing, he couldn’t tell and he didn’t care.


It had been nearly three days since the night he and Samantha first bonded and the subsequent days they had spent together were some of the best days of Martouf and Lantash’s lives.


<Are you not pleased now that we disclosed our feelings to Samantha?> Lantash asked smugly, flashing memories of the past three days.


Martouf was too happy to argue back. He came to a table filled with other Tok’ra and sat down next to his friend, Caldwen, and gestured Samantha to sit next to him without releasing her hand. Also at the table were Aldwin, Kian, and other Tok’ra. Martouf placed his food on the table and nodded to everyone. He turned his attention to Samantha as he felt her tugging her hand from his grasp.


“I’m going to need two hands to eat, Martouf.” She teased, her eyes twinkling. She too nodded a greeting to the others at the table before taking a sip of water from her cup.


“I understand Jacob is well on the way to recovery, Samantha. That is good to hear.” Caldwen said from Martouf’s side.


Martouf began to eat his food as he saw from the corner of his eye, Samantha nodding. “Yes, he’s doing fine now that he’s not confined anymore and he’s slowly starting to accept things. It helped a lot to show him some things like the Stargate and the information that General Hammond had me bring for him to read as well as talking to Martouf. But I’ll be the first to admit that I’ll be glad when his treatments will be over in two short days.”


“It will be nice to have the old Jacob back,” Kian blushed slightly. “He was teaching me what he called the ‘finer points of Tau’ri slang.’” She looked down and fiddled with her eating utensil.


Martouf smiled as he heard Kian. He had to agree that Jacob along with Selmac were among one of the funniest Tok’ra and that he had been subjected to one or two lessons in Tau’ri slang.


Samantha laughed. “I can only guess what he’s been teaching you.”


Martouf saw another Tok’ra sitting on the other side of Samantha lean slightly over and whisper something in her ear. As he watched, he saw Samantha flush a bit and then nod her head. The Tok’ra, an somewhat elderly woman, saw Martouf looking over in their direction and gave him a kind smile and an approving nod. She patted Samantha on her arm and then got up to leave.


Martouf waited until she was gone and then asked Samantha quietly, “What did she want, love?”


Samantha shook her head. “Oh nothing, she just asked if you and I…you know, if we were together and stuff.” Samantha flushed deeper as she looked into Martouf’s eyes.


Martouf took his love’s hand and brought it up to his lips to kiss the back of it. “Ah, I see. And you of course acknowledged our relationship which is good, my love.” Martouf lowered his voice as he continued. “The Tok’ra are a very close people and it is highly doubtful that the new status in our relationship will not go unnoticed, which is very good as Lantash and I feel we would be unable to repress our feelings toward you in any public setting.”


Samantha’s eyes widened slightly. Martouf! Calm down.”




Sam watched Martouf from where she sat on the bed as he went over what looked to be some Tok’ra reports written in Goa’uld. His brow creased slightly as he read and she couldn’t help but smile lightly as she watched her man, yes, that’s right, her guy. Hers. No one else’s. She staked a claim.


“Love?” A soft query from Martouf brought Sam out of her dangerously possessive thoughts that nearly bordered on stalker-ish and she looked up to see Martouf, looking at her questioningly, half-turned in his seat holding a reading tablet in one hand.




Martouf gave an apologetic glance to Sam. “I am sorry, love, that I had to postpone any activities you wish to do, but- He grimaced and shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “I must read these reports so that tomorrow-“


Sam held up her hands and laughed. “Martouf, relax.” She got up and stood in front of Martouf, placing her hands on his shoulders, massaging them gently. “I understand, really I do and I’m not bored or anything; I can spend all day just looking at you, but not, you know, in any sort of creepy disturbing way.”


Martouf smiled and wrapped his arms around Sam’s waist before burying his face in her stomach, inhaling her scent. Sam looked down and gently began caressing the back of his head, weaving her fingers through his soft hair.


“There you two are. I’ve been looking over this maze for you.”


Sam and Martouf lifted their heads to see Jacob standing in the entrance to Martouf’s room, holding a cup of what Sam guessed was the coffee she brought.


Jacob looked at the two of them and then back at someone that stood out of Sam and Martouf’s view. He made a ‘shoo-ing’ gesture and said, “Okay, okay, you’ve shown me the way. I’m not going to go on a rampage, leave me alone…” Jacob paused momentarily and then continued, “That was your cue to leave…now…now would be a good time to go away. Shoo.”


Sam watched amused at both her father’s antics and Martouf’s confused face. Oh, was she going to have fun teaching her man some new words.


Jacob returned his attention to the two lovers and raised an eyebrow at their position, causing Martouf to unknowingly remove his arms from Sam’s waist and Sam to roll her eyes at her father’s behaviour.


Hmph. I thought I’d find you here with Martouf; you two seem to always be together. Sam, I thought I’d find you this morning in your room, still sleeping, but to my great surprise, you weren’t. I see the reason why.” Jacob replied, taking a sip of his coffee.


Sam held back a grin at her father’s reproachful tone and merely said, “Yes, dad.”


Martouf stood up and bowed his head. “Jacob, how are you?”


Jacob shrugged and leaned against the doorway, cradling his cup. “Do you really want me to be frank?”


Martouf’s brow furrowed. “Frank? I assure you Jacob, that I do not wish you to be frank, whatever that may be.”


Behind Martouf, Sam smiled broadly and lifted a hand to hold in her giggles.


Jacob smiled. “You know, for really boring people, you guys sure are amusing. I meant, do you want me to be honest?” He grinned at his daughter, still shaking silently with laughter. He had to say this about Martouf, even if he didn’t really know anything about him at the moment, he was glad that Martouf was able to make his daughter happy.


Martouf inclined his head. “Of course, Jacob.”


“I’m bored out of my mind. There’s no TV, which means no sports to watch and I can’t picture Tok’ra wanting to play football,” Jacob stopped as Sam let out a giggle at the mental picture. “There’s no good food, no beer, no coffee, you know we’re going to have to fix that, and everyone here is so…so bland, no offense, Martouf.”


Jacob glanced down at his clothes. “Not to mention the fact that this outfit is not at all flattering on me.” He smiled as Sam burst out laughing. He felt incredible happiness at the fact that he and his daughter as well as his son were reconciled; it made his life so much more fulfilling.


Martouf glanced back and forth between his friend and his lover in mild confusion; he simply did not understand Tau’ri humor, if that is what this was.


“Hey, Martouf, come over here, I want to talk to you.” Jacob beckoned to Martouf. “Sam, I think that Anise woman was looking for you. Why don’t you try and find her while I chat with Martouf here?” He plastered a pleasant smile on his face as he looked at his daughter.


Sam rolled her eyes and gave a small grimace. “Dad, that was lame, even for you. I’ll give you two five minutes,” She held up her hand and wriggled her five fingers. Before turning around, she threw out, “Oh and dad, try not to interrogate him much, I’d like him back in one piece.” She gave one last smile to Martouf, whispering, “Have fun, lover.”


Martouf was puzzled as he tried to follow his love and Jacob’s conversation. Interrogation? One piece?


(What do you suppose Jacob wishes to talk to us about?) He asked Lantash.


<I think it has something to do with that remark Jacob moments ago about not finding Samantha where he thought she would be.> Lantash replied.


(Oh.) Martouf said, walking over to Jacob who was gesturing him to move into the hallway. (I do not think I like that smile Jacob is wearing.) He added nervously.


<Nonsense. Why should we be nervous?> Lantash scoffed.


(Because Jacob is not the same man we know and he might try to hurt us?) Martouf suggested, walking out of his quarters, leaving a sympathetic Sam, walking further down the hall to a secluded corner and turning to face Jacob, who stood in front of him, arms crossed, foot tapping, with a stern look on his face.


<I am fully prepared to explain our new-found relationship with Samantha, aren’t you?> Lantash queried as Martouf asked Jacob, “What do you wish to talk to me about, Jacob?”


Jacob’s foot stopped tapping, as he looked unsmiling at Martouf. “Cut the crap, Martouf, you know why I want to talk to you. It’s about my Sammie and what you’re doing with her. Now,” He uncrossed his arms and began to pace. “I’m her father and she’s my daughter, my only daughter, I might add, and so I’m a bit protective over whom she sees. I also realize she’s an adult, but as her only parent, I feel like I should help her make some of those decisions. And what I want to know,” Jacob stopped pacing and fixed an eye on Martouf. “Is what you’re planning to do with my Sammie. I know you slept with her last night, Martouf, and just the thought of any man touching my daughter is enough to make me want to kill you. I’m also aware that while you two are friends, you’re not dating.” Jacob invaded Martouf’s personal space and jabbed a finger into Martouf’s chest. “Have you made any sort of commitment to my Sam? Have you? ‘Cause you better damn well make one if you’re looking to even talk o her again, young man, in fact, if you continue acting in this way, you’re going to have to drag her down the aisle to marry my little girl, ‘cause I can guarantee, you ain’t getting’ close to her!” Jacob continued to poke his finger at a bewildered Martouf and a semi-angry/amused Lantash.


Martouf stared in confusion at Jacob, not understanding most of what he was saying and Martouf had no idea how to form a response. Before he could, he breathed an inaudible sigh of relief as he saw Samantha strolling up to them.


“Time’s up!” She made her way over to grasp Martouf’s hand.


“The clock in my head says I’ve still got three minutes.” Jacob said grimly, watching his daughter pull Martouf toward his quarters.


“Dad, I think you’ve confused him already.” She rolled her eyes again at Jacob and then burst out laughing at her father’s not-so-pleased expression. “Oh come on, dad, I know what I’m doing. After all, you raised me right remember? We’re not going to run off to Las Vegas and elope.” Sam smiled and her eyes were laughing at Jacob. She dragged Martouf down the hall, back to their quarters, leaving Jacob standing there shaking his head and chuckling a bit.   




Martouf held Samantha’s hand as they walked in the direction of his, their, he corrected himself, quarters.


“My love, I do not fully understand the Tau’ri slang that Jacob was using, but I am under the impression that he was asking about our relationship, such as it is now.” Martouf said quietly, entwining his fingers around hers as they walked along. He glanced at Samantha and saw that she was smiling as she nodded.  Martouf pulled her gently into their quarters and turned to face her. “Both Lantash and I have expressed our feelings for you, Samantha, and this is not something we would take lightly. It is even our hope,” Martouf ducked his head nervously for a second before continuing, “It is our hope that perhaps in the future, you would be agreeable to becoming our mate.”


Martouf watched as a full-blown smile made its way onto his beloved’s face and she leaned forward to plant a passionate kiss on his lips.


After coming up for air, Martouf leaned his forehead against hers and smiled at her. “We pledge our love and our life to you, beloved. And we look forward spending much of our time with you, proving how much we love and worship you.”


“Wow, you really are a charmer.” Samantha joked, bringing her hands up to roam across Martouf’s chest. She pulled her head back and looked into his eyes mischievously. “You’re not needed anywhere today are you?”


Martouf smiled as he caught her meaning and enfolded her in his arms. “No, I am not needed anywhere. I am completely at your service, love.”


Samantha’s lips curled up in a devious smile. “Oh goody. Come here, sexy.” Samantha pulled Martouf’s lips to hers.