Past Memories – Chapter 9A

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Info: Mild Anise whumping…


Jacob rubbed his stomach. “I don’t care what anyone says, nothing can beat a steak slathered in barbecue sauce with a beer in one hand.” He winced. “I feel so deprived somehow.”


Martouf watched his friend as he slumped down in a seat, rubbing his eyes wearily. They were waiting on Anise and Samantha to bring the final round of the Hakcor serum.


(It will be good to have the old Jacob back.) Martouf thought.


<Yes, although this Jacob is quite amusing. It also means that once Jacob has recovered, perhaps Samantha will return to the Tau’ri.> Lantash observed.


(I am certain that we could persuade our love to stay a little while longer.)


<Yes. I wonder what form this persuasion will take.> Lantash said dryly, making no comment about the ideas floating around in Martouf’s head.


Martouf grinned wickedly, but said nothing.


“Where in the bloody hell is that doctor woman with my blueberry drink?” Jacob almost shouted, running a hand over his head, glaring irritably at the entrance of his quarters. He crossed his arms angrily.  “How long does it take to dump some blue food coloring into water and mix? I’ll bet that woman is taking one hell of a time putting on her make-up or trying to fit into those inappropriate clothes of hers.”


Martouf cocked his head. “Jacob, are you alright?”  Martouf assumed that his friend was talking about Anise and he silently laughed at Lantash’s comments about the fellow Tok’ra.


Jacob grumbled and muttered for a few minutes incoherently before returning to glare at the doorway.


“I am sure that Anise will arrive shortly with the final dosage of the serum.” Martouf stated.


“Yay.” Jacob replied, deadpanned and started to tap his foot.


(Jacob is acting rather odd.) Martouf watched Jacob fidget slightly.


<Really? I had not noticed, Martouf. My highly trained senses must have missed that observation.> Lantash answered back with a tinge of annoyance.


Martouf scowled briefly. (I was only-)


<Yes, yes, I know.> Lantash cut him off, mentally holding back laughter at his host’s indignation.


(Why must you always be so arrogant?) Martouf asked, crossing his arms behind his back.


<It is a gift.> Lantash shot back.


“We’re here.” Samantha’s voice filtered through Martouf and Lantash’s mental argument as she and Anise walked into her father’s room.


“Yes, well, forgive me for not leaping with joy, bad back, you know.” Jacob replied, his expression implying anything but.


“I have the final dosage of the serum for you Jacob.” Anise stated.


Jacob looked Anise up and down. “Nice outfit. Where’s the rest of it?” He stood up and walked over to sling an arm around Sam and she glanced at him questioningly.


Sam raised an eyebrow. “When did you finish all the coffee, dad?” --- (Death Knell, anyone?)---


Jacob ducked his head for a moment and then muttered, “Early this morning.”


Sam nodded her head knowingly and looked at her father sympathetically. “I’ll bring you some more.”


“I’ll give you a grocery list, Sammie.” Jacob turned toward Anise and held out his hand. “Gimmie.”


Anise looked confused, but handed over the vial of blue liquid to Jacob. “You may want to sit down before you take it, Jacob.”


Jacob looked at the vial in unveiled disgust. “I really need to introduce sugar to you guys.” He and the rest of the group moved over to the bed, where Jacob laid himself down and opened the vial. He winked at Sam. “See you on the other side, Sammie.”


Sam rolled her eyes and smiled sardonically. “Yes, dad.” She sat on the edge of the bed beside her father as she, Martouf, and Anise watched Jacob down the blue liquid. After doing so, Sam took the empty vial, laid it on the table beside the bed, and then grasped her father’s hand.


“Sammie…” Jacob murmured, tightening his grip on Sam.


Sam shot a concerned look to Anise and then back at her father. “Dad? How are you feeling?” She said softly.


“Sammie…I see a bright light…”


“Dad?!” Sam exclaimed, grasping her father’s face and trying to look into his eyes.


Jacob smiled broadly and then began chuckling. “Gotcha, sweetheart.”


Sam’s shoulders slumped in relief and then she smacked her father’s arm gently. “Dad! Don’t do that!” She replied sternly.


Jacob continued chuckling. “Couldn’t help it…” Jacob’s eyes began closing and his grip on Sam’s hand loosened. “Wow, now that’s what I call fast-acting.”


Martouf watched Jacob’s eyes close and his breathing even out, signaling he had fallen asleep. Both he and Sam turned to Anise.


“Is that supposed to happen?” Sam asked.


Anise nodded. “Yes, it is normal and harmless. Jacob should awaken in a few hours.”


Martouf watched his love breathe a sigh of relief and glance back at her father. She laid a hand on his forehead. “Good.”