Past Memories – Interlude

Disclaimer in part 1


If it were possible, Selmac would be crossing her arms and scowling as she watched Jacob wipe his mouth with an already dirty napkin before gleefully raising a piece of barbeque-slathered steak and shoving it into his mouth.


 <Jacob, this is incredibly vulgar behavior.> Selmac chastised.


(No, Selmie, this…this is heaven.) Jacob sighed in bliss, taking a swig from his beer bottle.

(And there’s even a bonus.) He added, his eyes straying to the television set and the hockey game that was currently on in the All-You-Can-Eat Meat restaurant that Jacob was currently in.


Selmac groaned. <I do not understand the Tau’ri. How can you find a bunch of men sliding around hitting a small black thing back and forth with curved sticks entertaining? And this establishment…is it always so foggy and loud?> She complained.


<It’s called a puck and hockey sticks. And yes, it’s always like this, don’t be such a grouch, Selmie, look around us, everyone is having fun. Oh, Selmie, the joy that is television.) Jacob cajoled, smearing another piece of steak with hot sauce.


<Hmph. I am not a grouch. I am just saying that this setting is not my idea of fun. But, on a different topic, I am extremely happy that Samantha and Martouf have taken the next step in their relationship and have become bonded as mates. It is pleasing to see those two together.>


Jacob scowled momentarily before taking a sip from his beer. (Yeah well, I can’t say I’m all that happy. She’s my daughter, my only daughter and I am her father. But on the other hand, I am glad that it is Martouf she’s with then say…the colonel.)


Selmac chuckled. <Colonel O’Neil…now he is a grouch. It is also very lucky of General Hammond to offer you a place to stay at his dwelling as opposed to staying with Samantha.>


Jacob shuddered. (God forbid. I’m lucky indeed. What those two are doing…I don’t want to know.)


Jacob and Selmac sat in silence for a few moments before Jacob spoke again.


(Hey Selmie?)


<Yes Jacob?>


(Remind me to buy some stuff before we leave, mainly sugar and coffee.)


<Jacob.> Selmac bit out sternly. <No coffee.>






(How about-)




(Oh come on, Selmie…)


<Jacob, if you continue to persist with this childish behavior, I will recommend to the High Council to send us to a planet with lots of plants.>


(NO! No plants! After what happened, I’ve developed a sudden aversion to plants….I’ll shut up now.)




The End