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This is a Christmas-y fic, kinda, sorta, ok not really, and I know its spring, but hey, when inspiration hits, I write!


Martouf quickly and quietly closed the door to his temporary quarters at the SGC, hoping no one had seen him escape from the celebration that was being held at the SGC. He was tired and if he were to be honest, he still did not understand the meaning and purpose to this holiday that was Christmas that the Tau’ri held in such high esteem, although Daniel Jackson and Samantha had tried to explain the finer points. This only left Martouf and the other newer member of SG-1, Jonas Quinn, still baffled.


Martouf had joined earlier in the celebration, but decided to escape when the majority of the participants began consuming large amounts of what Jacob fondly called beer, wine, and champagne, even Daniel Jackson, albeit reluctantly. And to his disappointment, he had also lost sight of Samantha, who had been lured away by Dr. Fraiser, who, Martouf was certain of this, had a rather mischievous look in her eyes.


It had been an hour since Martouf had last seen Samantha and both he and Lantash acknowledged that the celebrations were not as enjoyable as it would have been with her presence.


He leaned against the door, closed his eyes, and exhaled into the darkness of his room. Martouf was about to ask Lantash a question when the sounds of a giggle filtered into his hearing and his eyes snapped open to scan the darkness of his room.


<Wow.> Lantash’s breathless statement drew Martouf’s attention to his bed where he could dimly make out a woman wearing what appeared to be a short red dress lying down and upon closer scrutiny, Martouf was shocked and a little pleased that it was Samantha.


“Samantha…?” Martouf asked quietly, standing up and took a step toward Samantha who was indeed lying down on his bed.


“Don’t move, Martouf, darling.” Martouf raised a quizzical eyebrow as he heard the endearment coming out of Samantha’s mouth.


<Samantha’s voice appears to be somewhat slurred as well, Martouf.> Lantash observed as Martouf watched Samantha get up and begin walking slowly over to him in the darkness holding what looked like bottle of something clutched in her right hand.


“Samantha, may I turn on the light?” Martouf questioned his hand already on its way to the switch.


“Sure thing, honey. I wanna see your gorgeous grey eyes.” Sam let loose another giggle as she continued her saunter toward Martouf.


As Martouf flipped the switch, his breath was taken away at the sight before him.


Samantha, the woman he desired and at Lantash’s prodding, the woman he loved with all of his heart was standing before him wearing an incredibly provocative outfit. She was wearing a red dress that was so short it barely covered her butt and both the top and bottom of the dress was trimmed in white fur. The dress was strapless, leaving Sam’s shoulders bare and a fair amount of cleavage showing. She was also wearing red high-heeled shoes that emphasized her legs and made them seem longer than anything. To top off the outfit, she was wearing what Martouf had observed many others wearing as a ‘Santa hat’. In her hand, Martouf spied a clear bottle of what looked like the same thing that everyone else was consuming: wine and it was then that both Martouf and Lantash came to the realization that it was entirely possible that Samantha was intoxicated, but in the words of O’Neill, what a way to go.


Samantha’s giggle brought Martouf’s attention that his mouth was slightly open and he hastily closed it.


He watched in awe and desire as Samantha sauntered up to him and raised a hand to caress his face. “Your eyes are glazed over, love. Did you miss me?”


Martouf almost closed his eyes in rapture at both Samantha’s touch and words, but a reminder from Lantash forced them open.


“Samantha,” Martouf grasped her hand in his to prevent her from distracting him further.


<Good luck with that, Martouf.> Lantash put in as he mentally looked over the absolutely delectable woman in front of him. <She looks absolutely delicious.>


“Samantha,” Martouf said more firmly, berating Lantash for his comments. His eyes moved toward the bottle clutched in her hand. “Have you been drinking that intoxicating substance? You should be aware of its effects it has on the Tau’ri.” Martouf steeled his voice away from any desire he was feeling as Samantha began caressing his hand lightly and she had moved to plant small kisses on his chin. He slid his hand down her arm and took the bottle from her hand. “I think that you should stop drinking it now.” Martouf moved and turned from Samantha to place the bottle on a nearby table.


He had just placed the bottle down when he found himself being spun around and pushed gently against the table.


“Samantha,” Martouf shuddered slightly as Samantha ran her hands roughly over his chest and entwining her legs with his as she pushed up against him, her lips grazing his chin, moving slowly to capture his lips in a searing kiss.


As their lips touched, Martouf ceased to think as he found himself kissing the woman he loved for the first time. On their own accord, his arms lifted and wrapped themselves tightly around Samantha’s waist and he slid his tongue smoothly into her slightly open mouth. The sound of Samantha’s low moan almost made his knees buckle and Martouf’s hands began roving Samantha’s back.


(We should not be encouraging this type of action, Lantash. Samantha is obviously intoxicated.) Martouf said.


<She’s perfectly fine, Martouf, and besides we are both aware of our feelings for her and it would also not be prudent to assume that she feels the same.> Lantash reassured his host distractedly as Lantash concentrated on the woman in his arms.


(Lantash! You are not even paying attention!) Martouf mentally pouted, his mouth betraying him as he dove in for another kiss.


<You ‘re right, I’m not paying attention to you when the woman we love and hold so dear is in our arms, doing such wonderful things…she tastes like a dream.> Lantash murmured happily.


(Lantash! I cannot willingly condone taking advantage of Samantha! We must stop.)


If it were possible, Lantash would’ve smirked evilly. <Fine. You stop, I’ll continue.>


Lantash took control despite Martouf’s protests, but knowing he wasn’t really angry with him and Lantash grinned at Samantha as they broke the kiss.


His eyes twinkled wickedly. “My love, you are so beautiful.”


Samantha smiled as she heard Lantash. “Do you know how incredibly sexy you are? Because if you don’t, I ‘d be happy to show you.” She stepped back, out of Lantash’s arms, and began pulling the zipper at the back of her dress down.


Lantash’s eyes widened briefly before he grinned and began taking off his shirt. “By all means, love, have your way with us.”


(Wow.) Martouf uttered softly.


Lantash’s grin broadened.




Hours Later, yes, much, much later……


Martouf groggily opened his eyes to see his beloved planting small kisses on his chest. He raised a hand to run it through her soft blond hair and she looked up into his grey eyes shining with happiness.


“Hello lover.” She murmured huskily, raising herself to place a small kiss on Martouf’s lips.


Martouf smiled and gathered her up in his arms, her head lying on his shoulder.


“My love, although last night was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, I feel I must apologize for taking advantage of you when it was obvious that you were-“


“Drunk?” Samantha finished. “I wasn’t that drunk, Martouf. Besides, I was planning to ambush, I mean, talk to you later after the party. You know I have feelings for you, really strong feelings I might add, but I didn’t know how to act on them. Janet had given me this wicked idea and I decided to use it, I was only drinking a bit because I was excited and I didn’t really expect you to go to your quarters so soon.” She caressed his chest, drawing little circles.


“What was this ‘wicked idea’ of yours, beloved?” Martouf questioned, running his hand up and down her arm.


“Mmm, look up, darling.”


Martouf did and it was only then that he noticed literally dozens of green artificial plants with red bows hanging from the ceiling, there were so many that he couldn’t even see the gray color of the ceiling.


Martouf’s eyes furrowed quizzically. “What are those, my love?”


Sam moved to settle herself directly onto Martouf, eliciting a groan from Martouf as he stared up at her while she braced herself on her elbows.


“Those, sweetheart, are called mistletoe. They’re another tradition that we have at Christmas. The tradition is when a man and a woman find themselves standing underneath mistletoe, they have to kiss.” She planted a kiss on Martouf’s nose and then moved to kiss him passionately on the lips.


A few minutes later, Samantha raised her head to gaze down at the man she loved and smiled sinfully. “Though my idea dealt with more than just kissing.”


Martouf looked up at the blonde, blue-eyed goddess on top of him, delightfully naked, and then up at the mistletoe-covered ceiling. In a sudden move, he reversed their positions as Samantha squealed; he was now on top and had an impish look in his eye.


“Then my love, we should not break this Tau’ri tradition by talking any further.”


<Be sure to tell her that we wish her to keep that outfit of hers for next year, all right Martouf?> Lantash mentioned. <Martouf? ....The outfit? Martouf?> Lantash asked before giving up and joining his host in bliss. There’d be plenty of time for that later.


The End