Willing – Chapter 1

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Multiple character deaths. It’s the same as the episode pretty much.


Sam checked the condition of Major Mansfield and then turned to Re’nal. “We can’t just let him die.”


Re’nal shook her head firmly. “If we implant the symbiote, we could kill them both.” It was the last words Re’nal would speak as the ceiling of the room collapsed suddenly, both Re’nal and Elliot taking the brunt of the debris. Sam tried her hardest to push Major Mansfield out of harm’s way; pieces of the ceiling and the wall were falling all over the place.


Sam gasped as she saw a large and heavy piece of ceiling crack and break off, hurtling straight for the ground, intent on taking out the small chamber with Lantash still in it. In that split-second, Sam’s recollections as well as Jolinar’s leftover memories flashed through Sam’s mind and she was on her feet and running toward the chamber without a second thought.


She yanked the chamber off the stand it was on, mindless of the cords and that she could’ve just killed Lantash on her own by pulling him off the energy that was supporting his life. Milliseconds later, the stand was smashed to pieces as the ceiling fell on it.


Sam scurried back to Mansfield and looked horrified at the Lantash’s stillness.


She stared at Lantash and wondered if she could stand losing Lantash as well as Martouf.


She couldn’t.


Sam dipped her hand into the liquid inside the chamber and gently wrapped it around the symbiote. Flashes of Jolinar’s invasion of her body caused Sam to shudder.


No, Sam steeled herself. It’s different this time. This symbiote is Tok’ra. This symbiote is the only thing left of Martouf. This symbiote is Lantash.


She gingerly lifted Lantash out of the liquid and almost dropped him when he suddenly started to squirm. Sam carefully tightened her grip around the symbiote and stared into its ‘face’.


“I don’t know if you can understand me or not, Lantash. I know what I’m doing; trust me. I am not going to lose you.” Sam said imploringly.


She swallowed hard and looked again at the now-still Lantash. She panicked momentarily before shutting her eyes. She opened her mouth wide and brought the symbiote close enough for it to crawl in.


Lantash refused to go in. He began squirming again, trying to get Sam to lose her grip on him. Sam only brought Lantash closer into her mouth and soon Lantash had no choice but to make his way down Sam’s throat and tenderly wrapping around her spinal cord.


Sam felt a sudden urge to gag, but held it in. She felt so incredibly disoriented from what just happened that she slid unconscious to the floor, her last gaze was of crystal structures still collapsing around her.


As her eyes began to close, they flashed weakly and Lantash spoke before joining his new host in oblivion. “Samantha.”



Teal’c bent down to check on Aldwin, turning him over onto his back. Aldwin’s eyes glow one last time before dying.


“He is dead.” Teal’c stated solemnly.


Colonel O’Neil turns to see the gliders still in the air and turning around for another attack. He gestures to Teal’c and the two of them take off running, heading for the entrance to the Tok’ra tunnels.