December 2


"Did you mis-dial, Daniel?" Jacob asked. "We need to dial another planet, and quickly!"

"Yeah, yeah," Daniel mumbled. "I mean, I don't think I did. Where is the DHD?"

Sam groaned. "If we are where I think we are, then it's buried. Under a whole lot of snow and ice!"

"Didn't they move it, Carter? I mean, I know they moved it!" O'Neill said. "How could we have ended up here again? If here is where I think it is."

Sam went over to a large chunk of snow and ice and started brushing the snow aside.

"What the Hell are you doing, Sam?" Jacob said, testily. He grimaced as he moved his arm.

Sam was looking at him and got a horrified expression. "Oh, my God, dad! You were shot! How are you?" She hurried to his side.

"Selmak is taking care of me, don't worry about that. What I do want is an explanation - and now!"

"This," Sam hesitated. "Looks like the cave on Antarctica that Colonel O'Neill and myself ended up in... about four years ago. When the Stargate was hit by weapon's fire which made the wormhole jump to the second gate - the one on Antarctica."

"Right, you mentioned that. The Tok'ra actually have some experience with that too. Anyway, you think that has happened again?" Jacob wondered.

"No - for one thing, the Stargate on Antarctica was moved from the cave shortly after we found it, so it can't be that one." She looked uncertain.

"Yet another one, maybe?" Daniel suggested.

Sam shook her head. "It's unlikely there's one more on Earth. No, something is strange."

"You can say that again!" O'Neill grumbled. "Let's find that DHD." He looked to Jacob. "You're sure you're okay sir?"

Jacob nodded curtly. "Yes." He sighed. "At least it doesn't look like the Jaffa saw the address - they haven't followed us through."

"There's that," O'Neill said. "Now we just get to freeze to death!"

"What about our radios? Shouldn't they be able to hear us at McMurdoch?" Daniel wondered.

"With these?" Sam waved her radio and snorted. "They reach 10 miles or so, maybe a little more if the conditions are good. It's not enough, not by far - and we're deep underground too."

"So we dig out the DHD." Daniel nodded tiredly.

"There's maybe another option. Selmak reminds me that the Jaffa sometimes used this Stargate when they came to Earth for slaves. It wasn't something that happened often, but they did do it now and then," Jacob said.

"Yeah? So? We already knew they came for slaves," O'Neill said, shivering a little from the cold. "What's your point?"

"My point is that they had to have had some sort of transportation! They couldn't very well walk all the way to where they took the slaves from!"

"Right!" Sam exclaimed. "Of course!"

"They would have had to have a teltac or some other vessel," Teal'c suggested.

"Or a boat," O'Neill observed.

"I think a teltac makes more sense," Jacob said. "Problem is, we have no idea where it is, and with the Stargate so close, I can't sense the much smaller amount of naquadah in the vessel."

"Which means it could be anywhere and we have no way to know where - and no way to dig it out from inside a gigantic block of ice. We go with the DHD, then," O'Neill decided. "But first, let's do a status - what do we have? Weapons, blankets?"

"I have my staff weapon, my zat'nik'tel, and a knife," Teal'c told them.

"I've got a zat'nik'tel too," Jacob said. "And a knife."

"Um, my gun?" Daniel said. "With one extra magazine for it."


"My P90, 2 extra mags, my zat, one knife, and - just a moment," Sam told them, going through her backpack. "Three thermal foil blankets, a normal blanket, a field stove, a small cooking pot, a few cups, five bags of dry instant soup, powdered coffee, and eleven protein bars."

"Not too bad. Anyone else got any food?" O'Neill asked.

"I've got a couple protein bars," Daniel said.

Jacob checked his pockets. "I have the Tok'ra equivalent of MREs - four of them. They're not the most tasty, but they'll do."

"I've got three protein bars," O'Neill said. "So we should be able to survive for some days, at least. Okay."

"Those who doesn't work on digging out the DHD better wrap up in the foil blankets," Sam said, handing one to her father.

She, O'Neill, and Teal'c began working, while Jacob wrapped up and sat down to allow Selmak some peace and quiet to heal his staff blast wound in the shoulder. Daniel sat down as well, studying the artefact they had managed to save - taking care not to push too hard against the crystal in its side.

"Any idea why we ended up here?" O'Neill asked, when they took a brief break. "I mean, we've agreed that we're on Earth, on Antarctica - and that the gate is the same as the one we came through four years ago, right?"

Jacob poured some coffee in the cups, while silently apologizing to Selmak for the lack of other choices of beverage. He handed a cup to Sam.

"Thanks." She warmed her hands on the cup. "Well, I have been thinking about it. Obviously, since we ended up here, either something made the wormhole jump, or the other Stargate wasn't working."

"Obviously," O'Neill said. "That doesn't explain why the gate is here in the first place."

"No, and I... don't think you'll like what I'm thinking about that." She gave him an unhappy look.

"Oh, trust me, I already don't like it." O'Neill looked towards Daniel. "The damn box did something, didn't it?"

Sam nodded. "That is the most likely explanation, yes."

"Timetravel? Parallel universe?" he wondered.

She shook her head. "There's no way to know until we get a chance to contact Stargate Command. Or try to do so at any rate."

"Wonderful!" O'Neill grumbled. "And of course it had to be the day where the Simpsons is on."

Teal'c's staff weapon had proven an advantage when it came to remove ice from the DHD, but it was still many cold hours later when they had finally dug it out enough that they could try and activate it.

"All right, where do we go?" Sam asked, brushing aside the last ice.

"Anywhere but here! Just as long as it's warm," O'Neill said.

"Agreed," Daniel said, his teeth clattering.

"Let me enter the coordinates," Jacob said. "The Tok'ra have a teltac hidden on Sularos. It's not too far from Earth. We should be able to travel back here in maybe three days from there."

"Sounds great!" O'Neill smiled. "Please, dial it up! Ah, no Jaffa there, I presume?" he added.

Jacob shook his head. "No, it's been abandoned by the Goa'uld for centuries."

"Let's hope it's there, then. The teltac, I mean," Sam said. "Since we don't really know what has happened."

"Doesn't that also mean we can't know if it's really abandoned?" Daniel asked. "Maybe it's the headquarters of some Goa'uld now."

"Don't jinx it, Daniel!" O'Neill warned.

"Sorry." He looked sheepish. He turned to pick up the Furling device.

"And don't bring that thing!"

"Sir, I think he should. What if it did send us back in time. Or to a different universe - or even changed the timeline. We need it to undo that," Sam said, then added in a low voice. "If we can."

O'Neill made an unhappy sound, but just motioned at Jacob to begin dialling.