Deep Trouble, Chapter 28


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Chapter 28: Unexpected Revenge - and a Farewell

Summary: Teal'c meets his family - and Fro'tac.

Warning: Mention of violence and minor character death

Bra'tac led them to a guesthouse, and told them to stay there until evening, when he would come and take them to meet Drey'ac and Rya'c. Before he left, he called for some servants who took the sacks of medicinal herbs, in order to bring them to those that needed them. It turned out there was indeed a sickness among many of the humans of Chulak, and that the particular herbs they had brought were some that were often used to treat this particular disease.

SG-1, Jolinar, and Martouf/Lantash stayed in their room at the guesthouse, while they waited for Bra'tac to return. They only went out to get food, and then only downstairs, where the guesthouse had an eatery. Teal'c had passed almost the entire day meditating, and the others had felt it was best to leave him alone.

It was close to evening, when O'Neill and Martouf returned to the room with the bread and cheese they had just fetched from the kitchen downstairs.

"Where's Teal'c?" O'Neill asked, as he and Martouf put the food down.

"Didn't you see him? I thought he was going to go help you carry stuff," Sam said, frowning.

"No. He didn't come down." O'Neill looked very concerned. "I'll be back in a moment." He ran out the door and downstairs again.

Some minutes later, he returned.

"Did you find him?" Daniel asked.

"Nope. He doesn't seem to be anywhere."

"Maybe he went to use the facilities?" Martouf suggested.

"Maybe." O'Neill looked very worried.

"What if he went to Fro'tac's place?" Daniel suddenly suggested.

"Damn!" O'Neill exclaimed. "We've got to get there. Quickly!"

"How? None of us know the way," Daniel said.

Before they had time to decide what to do, someone knocked on their door, and Bra'tac entered.

"Where is Teal'c?" Bra'tac demanded, looking from one to another.

"We're afraid he might have gone to see Fro'tac," O'Neill said.

"It's no more than maybe half an hour ago," Daniel helpfully added.

"We must go to Fro'tac immediately, in order to stop Teal'c from seeking revenge." Bra'tac turned and left the room.

The others grabbed their zat'nik'tels and hid them under their clothing, running after Bra'tac as they did so.

"Drey'ac!" Bra'tac said, as she came to meet him. "Have you seen Teal'c?"

"Bra'tac. Teal'c arrived some time ago, and we spoke shortly. He is very angry at me." Drey'ac sniffled, and dried away a tear.

"Where is Fro'tac, woman? Tell me quickly!"

"He is with Teal'c in the garden, I believe."

Bra'tac rushed off, hoping to reach Teal'c before he could harm Fro'tac. Sam/Jolinar, Daniel, O'Neill, and Martouf/Lantash hurried after him, pulling out their zat'nik'tels.

They all came into the garden at almost the same time, to see Teal'c stand over Fro'tac's body, that was lying on the ground.

"Teal'c!" Bra'tac exclaimed. "What have you done?"

"I had not truly intended to kill him," Teal'c said calmly. "It had spent much of today meditating, and had come to the conclusion that you were correct, and Fro'tac was not worth killing. I went here to tell Drey'ac I am taking Rya'c, and to tell her goodbye. We had only spoken for a short time, when Fro'tac came home, and wanted to talk to me privately. We went here and spoke for some time."

"What went wrong, if you weren't going to kill him?" O'Neill demanded. "He looks pretty dead to me!"

"Harsh words were spoken on both sides. Fro'tac had not only taken my woman from me, he insisted Rya'c should stay as well." Teal'c's jaw muscle twitched. "Fro'tac got what he deserved. According to Jaffa law, this was my right!"

"Perhaps, by what will Drey'ac say?" Bra'tac said.

"She can go with Rya'c and me, or she can stay here. I do not care," Teal'c insisted.

Drey'ac had not surprisingly been shocked and unhappy at learning about what Teal'c had done, but she had eventually insisted that if Teal'c wanted to take Rya'c with him, she was coming too.

Bra'tac had given them a few hours to collect some things and get to the Stargate, then he would inform the authorities that Fro'tac had been killed. It might well be Teal'c's right to do so, according to Jaffa law, but Teal'c was the traitor, and Fro'tac had been rich and influential. It was unlikely that many would support Teal'c, and very likely that some would think of the money they could get from Apophis by turning in the traitor.

"You won't have any problems because if this?" O'Neill asked.

"I will manage," Bra'tac insisted.

"Join us, old friend," Teal'c said.

"Another time, perhaps," Bra’tac told him.

"Bra'tac, I owe you my thanks." Teal’c clasped Bra’tac’s arms as they made their farewells.

Then SG-1, Jolinar, Martouf/Lantash, Drey'ac, and Rya'c stepped through the wormhole, going to a stop-over world before continuing to the Tau'ri base many of them would be staying on - New Earth.

"Will you be returning to the Tok'ra immediately?" Daniel asked Martouf. "And what about Sam and Jolinar, will they stay here or go to the Tok'ra?"

"That remains to be seen. We have only discussed it briefly, but I believe that if the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri become friends, perhaps even allies, then we shall likely split our time between here and with the Tok'ra. With the permission of your Council and ours, of course." He sighed. "As for now, we have personal matters to attend to. Jolinar will show us where Rosha is buried, and tell us the full story of what happened to her. After that, we will be going to the Tok'ra tunnels, where we will stay for some time, at least. Jolinar has been away for very long, so there is probably many who wishes to talk to her, and much for her to do at home."

"I understand." Daniel smiled. "Jack, Teal'c, and myself will be part of the group that goes to negotiate with the Tok'ra. I hope we will meet then."

"It is likely." Martouf smiled.

Sam/Jolinar approached them, followed by O'Neill and Teal'c. She was carrying a backpack, and a small shoulder bag.

"Ready to go?" She asked, handing Martouf the shoulder bag.

"I am." He inclined his head to O'Neill, Teal'c, and Daniel. "Until we meet again."

"Farewell," Teal'c said.

"Safe trip," O'Neill offered.

"See you, guys!" She hugged Daniel, and slapped the two others on the shoulder. "You better be in that delegation when the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri meet to negotiate their treaty. There'll be cake!" She said.

Martouf dialed the address, and he and Sam left through the Stargate.

"Over there, near the small group of trees - that is where Rosha is buried. Sennok - the Nasyan man who became my host - helped me choose the place," Jolinar explained.

Martouf just nodded. Both he and Lantash had been very quiet since they arrived on the planet.

They walked to the place, which was marked by several large boulders, and a small flowering bush growing beside them. The trees cast some shadow there, and soft green grass covered the patch. Nearby, a small brook was bubbling.

"It is a beautiful place. Rosha would have loved it," Martouf said, solemnly. He gave control to Lantash.

"You found a red-patch bush, with large fragrant flowers." He observed, gently touching one of the leaves. "It was her favourite." He turned to Jolinar. "Thank you."

Jolinar nodded. "It was the least I could do, having been unable to save her.” She sighed. “Come, sit beside me." She sat down on the soft grass near the water.

Lantash sat down as well, and put an arm around her. They say like that long into the late night, as Jolinar told him about the flight from Cronus, and all that had happened since.

It was a warm night, and eventually they fell asleep in each others arms, sleeping until the rising sun awoke them.

Chapter 29: Home