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They had just managed to get the door out from the teltac to open, when Daniel suddenly made a scream and jumped up from where he had been lying after O'Neill and Teal'c had given him a sedative. He raced past the others and out onto the planet, laughing maniacally.

"Daniel! Stop!" O'Neill shouted after him. "Damn! We don't know anything about this planet or it's dangers and he just runs right out! After him!"

Teal'c and Lantash took off after Daniel, and the others followed at a somewhat slower speed.

"At least there are no people here. He shouldn't be able to get into too much trouble," Sam said, frowning. She was worried for her friend, though Martouf/Lantash and Jacob/Selmak had both insisted that he should be fine... in time.

O'Neill scoffed. "It's Daniel we're talking about here! He can get in trouble anywhere!" He looked up. "What's with the weird, purple sky?"

"Wow, that's interesting! It's almost shimmering between pink, blue, and purple! I wonder what the composition of the atmosphere is, or if the sun..."

"Not now, Carter!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"Sorry, sir." Sam grinned sheepishly, then looked at Selmak, walking beside them. "How are you doing?"

"Much better, thank you. However, I am not the one with an injured leg. Perhaps you should have remained at the teltac?"

"No, I can walk," Sam insisted, suppressing a wince when she felt a stab of pain from her leg.

They continued on as fast as they could, following the others.

"Awesome!" Daniel exclaimed, stopping and looking at the strange, uneven roundish thing before him. "It's pulsating! Probably some sort... sort of religious sig... significance," he rambled. "Clearly not Goa'uld... or Ancient. What is it?"

The thing suddenly spoke. "A question. Since before your sun burned hot in space and before your race was born, I have awaited a question."

"Whoa!" Daniel almost stumbled over his own feet as he jumped away from it. "You speak?"

"Yes," it boomed.

"Uh, wh... what are you?" Daniel asked, trying to focus on it.

"I am the Guardian of Forever."

"Uh, are you... like a person? Or a machine?"

"I am both and neither. I am my own beginning, my own ending."

"What... what do you do?"

"I know everything, see everything. In all times."

"So you're... you're like a time machine?" Daniel grinned. "That's awesome! Show me the past... no, no the future! I want to see the future!"

"Which period and location do you require?"

"Eh... eh, Earth. Um, 1000 years in the future. No... no! Wait!" He grinned like crazy. "Last week... Jack was going on about the Mayan apocalypse. I'm going to prove nothing happens. I want to go to... December 21st 2012! Where... where... somewhere it's fairly warm. Somewhere in California?"

The open center of the ring-shape flickered, and then a landscape with a blue sky could be seen. "Behold. A gateway to your own future, if you wish."

"Doctor Jackson! Daniel!" Lantash yelled.

"Stop!" Teal'c ordered.

Daniel turned to look at them, a wild expression on his face. "No, you're not going to get me!" he screamed, walking backwards away from them, and towards 'the Guardian of Forever'. Suddenly he turned and ran, jumping through the gateway.

Lantash and Teal'c stopped, looking on as the image - if that was what it was - flickered and disappeared.

"What's with the donut? And where's Daniel?" O'Neill wondered.

Martouf/Lantash and Teal'c had searched the area and examined 'the Guardian of Forever' as well as they could, even questioning it. They had not learned much that was of use, though.

"It would seem to be a gateway of some sort," Lantash said. "It calls itself 'the Guardian of Forever'."

"Your scientific knowledge is obviously primitive. In those terms; I can be a gateway to other times and dimensions," the Guardian of Forever told them.

Lantash glared at the alien device - or lifeform - clearly not appreciating having his scientific knowledge termed primitive.

"Wow, impressive," Sam exclaimed. "Sir, we need to examine this device."

"With what? We're stranded on an alien planet, with no food and water, and no way to get home - and Daniel is missing! Now's not the time for this!" O'Neill told her.

"Of course, sir." Sam looked bashful.

"Daniel appears to have jumped through this gateway, to some other place. Perhaps we can do so as well, and get to a planet with a chaapa'ai," Lantash suggested.

"That's a good idea," Sam agreed.

"Yeah, we'll go wherever Daniel went," O'Neill decided. "Hey..." He turned to Lantash. "What did you call that thing? The donut."

Somewhat amused, he raised an eyebrow at O'Neill, but answered without comment. "The Guardian of Forever."

"Okay... Guardian, open a... connection to wherever Daniel went."

"Behold. A gateway to the same time and place your friend travelled."

"Okay." O'Neill shrugged. "So, let's follow. Can't get any worse than here, right?"

They soon found themselves in a green field, with a blue sky above them.

"How did we get here? There's no indication of the gateway being here at all," Sam said. She looked up. "We're obviously on another world than before, though."

"Yes," Selmak agreed. " And it would seem we cannot enter the gateway from this side."

"At least this place looks more pleasant!" O'Neill pointed out. "Now we just need to find Daniel, then we'll go see if there's any locals who will agree to share their dinner." He patted his stomach.

"This place would seem to be much lusher than the other planet, that is correct," Martouf said. "If we are fortunate, there is a chaapa'ai on this world, but in any case it should be easier to survive here." He closed his eyes and got a distant expression. "I am fairly certain there is a chaapa'ai here, but it is far away. At the very limit of what I can sense."

"Which means what?" O'Neill asked.

"In your measurements... about 950 miles, perhaps," Martouf said.

O'Neill gaped at him. "Woah! That's impressive! You can sense the Stargate at that distance?"


"Don't forget that Hathor felt our Stargate from all the way down in Mexico," Sam reminded him.

"Right," O'Neill said, clearly not happy to be reminded of Hathor.

"As a Goa'uld queen, she could sense a chaapa'ai from even further away than Lantash can," Martouf told them.

"Listen, we should probably get out of this field," Sam observed, suddenly noticing something. "It's clearly been planted - and with a machine, I think, so the planet must have a fairly high level of technology."

"You're right," O'Neill said, studying the straight rows of plants. "Though I think this field is dormant... winter time." He gave them a wry grin. "My uncle was a farmer, and I helped him out sometimes when I was a kid, so that's why I know."

"That is useful knowledge," Teal'c told him. "So you believe the farmer will not mind we are in his field?"

"Well... as long as we don't kick stuff around, I doubt it'll matter."

"Someone else passed her very recently," Martouf observed, kneeling down and checking on some footprints. "Perhaps Daniel Jackson?"

"The person was running and stumbling. It seems likely to be Daniel Jackson," Teal'c agreed.

"Okay, then I guess we follow the tracks," O'Neill said. He looked around. "Let's hope there are no hostiles here. It's too bad we don't have any weapons."

"I still have the zat'nik'tel I used to remove the crates and debris that were blocking the door to your compartment," Martouf said, pulling out the weapon from one of the large pockets in his BDU.

O'Neill nodded. "Good, be sure to keep it ready."

They followed Daniel's track for a while, walking through what seemed like endless fields. He appeared to still be under the influence of the drug, because sometimes he veered off erratically, and a couple times he walked in a circle before continuing.

When they had walked for maybe fifteen minutes, and was approaching a small cluster of trees, Teal'c pointed. "There!"

The others almost immediately spotted Daniel as well. He was lying against one of the trees, apparently sleeping.

"Daniel!" O'Neill exclaimed, starting to run towards him.

"Sir, maybe it's not such a good idea to call his attention..." Sam began.

Teal'c and Martouf sprinted after O'Neill, while Selmak and Sam followed at a slower pace. Selmak was still working on healing a broken arm, and Sam's leg and head were both throbbing with pain.

Before any of them could reach Daniel, he jumped up with a cry, then took off at a high speed towards a pile of rocks that had probably been removed from the fields by the farmer. Martouf pulled out his zat'nik'tel and fired, hitting Daniel, who immediately stumbled and fell, unconscious.

"Crap! Let's hope he didn't hit his head!" O'Neill said, looking worriedly at the many boulders near where Daniel had fallen.

Martouf ran to him, kneeling down beside him and checking on him. "He is all right. He did not hurt himself on the rocks."

They had carried Daniel to a grass covered spot nearby, and laid him down there.

"Shouldn't he have woken up already? Zat-shots doesn't usually keep people under for that long," O'Neill said.

Martouf nodded. "That is true. It is probably a combination of the sedative you administered, and the drug Heka gave him, which is having this effect. Hopefully, he will be lucid when he awakens."

"I believe it would be prudent to tie him up, before he awaken," Teal'c told them. "If his mind is still clouded, he may attempt to escape, otherwise."

"Are you crazy? We're not tying up Daniel!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"It may not be such a bad idea. We're on an unknown - obviously technologically advanced - planet. We can't risk Daniel running off and doing something that angers the locals... or endangers himself," Jacob said.

"Dad, you're awake!" Sam smiled at him. "How are you?"

"I'm fine. I woke up a little while ago., but I just needed to get my bearings." He smiled back at Sam, before looking at the sky. "Perfectly normal blue sky - I've looked at Selmak's memories from the planet we landed on - it was not like this. Weird, purple coloured. This is a clear improvement."

"Maybe so, but we still don't have a clue where we are, or if we can get away from here!" O'Neill pointed out. He looked at Daniel and shook his head. "I wonder where you told that doughnut-thingie to send us!"

"I hear an... engine, of some sort. An airborne vessel, I believe." Martouf looked up, then pointed at the sky. "There."

"An airplane?" Sam said, surprised. "I mean, that's obviously not a Goa'uld ship. How common are airplanes on other worlds?"

"I know of maybe ten worlds which have such vessels, aside from the Goa'uld, and most of those are more advanced than what this seems to be. That... airplane appears to be driven by combustion of simple chemicals, since it is creating a trail of water vapour," Martouf observed.

O'Neill sent him an unhappy look, but before he could comment on Martouf essentially calling Earth primitive, they all saw something else that called their attention.

"A car?" Jacob looked disbelieving.

"It... would appear to be a car, yes," Sam agreed, looking at the vehicle driving in a straight line, possibly following a road. It came closer, then passed them, maybe 2500 feet away.

"Did we somehow go to Earth?" O'Neill asked.

"We may have. I guess that depends on where Daniel asked 'the Guardian of Forever' to send him. Maybe he told it he wanted to go to Earth," Sam suggested.

"That sounds too lucky. We never have that kind of luck," O'Neill said.

Sam frowned. "However, it doesn't look like it's the right season - it should be summer soon. Of course, it depends on where on Earth we ended up."

"Maybe it isn't Earth, then," O'Neill said.

"Well, there's an easy way to find out. Some of us go check out that road. Maybe there's a sign somewhere," Jacob suggested. "Someone should stay here and keep an eye on Daniel, though. Sam? You're leg is still bad, and you've got a concussion, so you should stay - and maybe a couple more."

Chapter 3: Where are we?