Chapter 8: Together
*denotes host/symbiote internal communication

Sam knocked on the door, and almost immediately heard someone approaching from the inside, unlocking the door, and then opening it.

"Daniel, we found some..." She stopped and looked at the man standing inside. "Dad?"

"Yes, Sam..:" He looked closely at her. "If it actually is you. Daniel has told me about the Goa'uld, and that you've got one of them inside you!"

"Yeah, can I come in? I promise I'll answer anything, but this is really not something we want to stand out here and discuss!"

"General Carter... I told you..." Daniel began, approaching them from the kitchen.

Jacob sighed. "You did. Doesn't mean I won't insist on deciding for myself... but I guess I should let you in." He stepped aside.

Sam entered and closed the door after her, locking it. At Jolinar's recommendation, she did not turn her back on her father. As much as she hated it, she could not trust him right now. Not that she blamed him - she would probably have reacted the same way.

"I've got the clothes, Daniel. Something for you, too, if you decide to join me. Not that I think you'll like the clothing, but Jolinar says it's... suitable." Sam grimaced, then put the bags down on the floor.

"No one's going anywhere, until you've convinced me it's actually you talking, Sam... and that this Jolinar can be trusted."

"How do you want me to do that? I can't prove anything! Not here, at any rate!"

"Yeah, the symbiote can pretend to be their host - and they have full access to their host's memories," Daniel added.

"That's not exactly reassuring!" Jacob exclaimed.

Sam sighed. "I understand, believe me, I do... but I'd hope you would at least listen to me. And to Jolinar - and that you know me well enough to recognize that I'm me."

"Why don't we go sit and take a cup of coffee? I think I've got some cookies... then we can talk... reassure each other," Daniel suggested, diplomatically.

They had talked for several hours, but at last Jacob had been convinced that it truly was Sam he was talking to.

Jolinar had come forward a couple times, but mostly she let Sam have control. There were several reasons, but mainly she was concerned with not upsetting Jacob and Daniel, though it was also partially because Jolinar did not have much patience and would have yelled at Jacob for his continued refusal to accept what Sam told him.

"I'm really glad you believe me... us, dad! I'm also happy I got to talk to you before I left the planet. I don't know when - if ever - I'll be able to return," Sam said.

"Me, too, Sam. It's been a long time since we talked - even if I'll admit this time has been a bit more... tense, than our usual discussions."

"Not more than all of them, though..." Sam observed, drily.

"Perhaps," Jacob admitted, suddenly looking tired.

"It's late. We should all go to bed and get a few hours of rest," Daniel suggested.

"Have you made your choice, Daniel?" Sam asked, as they were eating breakfast.

Daniel was quiet for a moment, then nodded. "Yes, I have. I'm coming with you."

"So am I," Jacob suddenly said, surprising all of them.

"What? Are you sure, Dad?" Sam stared at him.

"There isn't a whole lot left to stay for here, so why are you so surprised? It'd be an adventure - and I'll get to spend time with my kid."

"Thanks... but what about Mark and his kids? Your grandchildren."

"Who I've never met. Mark doesn't even want to talk to me. I called him as soon as I got it out of Daniel that an attack was on the way - I didn't tell Mark, though, don't worry. He didn't want to listen to me - they were on their way out the door, to visit Marian's sister."

"Well, let's hope they made it there. It's pretty far away from all larger cities, so they're safer there than most other places," Sam said, feeling relieved at the thought.

"Agreed." Jacob sighed. "There is something else. Sam, I have lymphoma... I found out not too long ago. Now, with civilization gone, there isn't much chance of any sort of treatment..."

"Oh, my God, Dad!" Sam exclaimed.

"Relax, you won't get rid of me that quickly. I'll probably be fine for a long time to come," Jacob insisted.

*Can your healers help him?* Sam asked.

*What is lymphoma?*

*A disease. Check my mind - it's easier than explaining.*

Sam got the strange sensation she was slowly getting used to, of someone else looking through her knowledge.

*Perhaps, if it has not gone too far. They can almost certainly prolong his life some, and ease any pain. Samantha, even if it turns out our healers cannot cure him, a symbiote may be able to.*

*You mean... make him a host? I doubt he would want that.*

*You do not know that. He should be given the chance. Do you really think he would rather die?*

*No... no, perhaps not.* Sam looked up. "Sorry, I was talking to Jolinar. I asked her if the Tok'ra could do something about your lymphoma, Dad, and she says... maybe. The Tok'ra are more advanced than we are. Their healers may be able to help, at least some. Otherwise, there may be... other possibilities."

*I apologize for interrupting, but we should leave for the chaapa'ai. The longer we wait, the greater is the risk we will face,* Jolinar reminded her.

*Of course.* Sam sighed. "Jolinar just reminded me that we need to leave for Stargate Command. We should change into our costumes. It's a good thing we grabbed some things to choose from when we got clothes for you, Daniel. We'll probably have enough to put something together for you both... just not sure how happy either of you will be to wear them."

"Kree! What brings you here... my Lord," the Jaffa at the entrance said, looking at Jolinar and deciding that the way she and the two men were dressed, she must be a Goa'uld, even without a hand device.

Jolinar wore a white dress that reached to her mid-calfs, but had a slit up each side. It had a golden belt just under her breasts, and it veed deeply both at the front and at the back. Her arms were bare, and decorated with golden armlets and bangles.

She had a pair of sandals on her feet, with the thin strips criss-crossing up her legs, almost to her knees.

Jolinar also wore a headpiece made of gold, with several gemstones set into it. Sam had not been happy when Jolinar had suggested they rob a jewelry store, but she could see how gold and jewels were probably a necessary part of a Goa'uld outfit.

Looking coldly at the Jaffa, Jolinar flashed her eyes, proving to him that he had guessed correctly. "How dare you ask me that! I am Lord Eos, in service of Lord Poseidon. I bring important messages from Lord Cronus! You will let me through the chaapa'ai - immediately!"

The Jaffa hesitated for a moment, and looked towards the other guard. It was clear they had been told not to let anyone through without explicit orders from Cronus, but Poseidon was an important ally of Cronus's, and besides, it was never a good idea to turn a god down. What if she really was sent by Cronus? It was the most likely explanation for her presence on the planet.

Making a decision, the Jaffa bowed. "Of course, my Lord. I apologize for interfering."

Jolinar scoffed. "I shall be magnanimous and forgive your error. This time."

The Jaffa stood aside to let her through the entrance, and she walked past them, followed by Jacob and Daniel.

They passed a few other Jaffa, but none of them interfered.

*I wonder if we are going to have to walk down the stairs?* Sam wondered.

*No, the... elevator... seems to be functional. We shall use that.*

*Without access cards?* They entered the elevator and pushed the button for the eleventh floor. *Apparently so. It seems like they've disabled the card readers and overridden them.* She observed, as the elevator started.

"I'm damn glad none of the Jaffa decided to follow us down!" Jacob exclaimed.

"There will be Jaffa guarding the chaapa'ai," Jolinar said.

"Hm. Well I, for one, are going to look forward to getting out of here - and out of these ridiculous clothes and into something more normal! Please don't tell me the Tok'ra wear clothing like this!" Jacob indicated the fiery red, belted tunic he was wearing, as well as the black leggings, and the short boots.

Jolinar studied him, an amused look on her face. "We do, but only when undercover. Besides, I would like to point out that what you wear is both modest and stylish compared to what many Goa'uld would wear. It works well for the fairly high-level human slave you are pretending to be."

Jacob snorted. "Wonderful! I'll agree on modest - compared to you or Daniel - even with the damn tights I'm wearing."

"Leggings," Jolinar corrected.

"We can switch if you want," Daniel offered.

Jacob looked at the other man. Daniel was wearing much more revealing clothing, fitting of a personal slave, or lo'tar. "I don't think the loincloth is my style. Same goes for the vest - or whatever the Hell you wish to call it."

"Yeah, well..." Daniel looked resigned. "I've actually seen worse, on some planets."

"Quiet!" Jolinar ordered. "We have reached the floor where Sama... Sam informs me we must switch elevators!" She stepped out of the elevator as the door opened. She glared hard at the Jaffa guard. "Why have you not installed a ring transporter instead of this slow nuisance? Tau'ri technology is so primitive!"

"Yes, my Lord. You are correct. I apologize for our tardiness. The ring transporter is presently being installed."

"That does not do me any good right now, does it?" Jolinar scoffed, and entered the next elevator, which would take them to the bottom floor.

*Relax,* Sam said. *We do have some technology which is not that primitive, even if...*

*I am merely behaving this way to avoid suspicion from the Jaffa,* Jolinar remarked, as she pushed the button for the lowest floor. *I am pleased, however, that I even fooled you!*

"This is the planet the Tok'ra are located on?" Daniel asked, staring at the nearby forest, and the path that lead from the area around the Stargate and in between the trees, where it disappeared.

"No, this is one of Poseidon's worlds. I had to ask to be sent to one of them, to avoid suspicion," Jolinar answered.

"This is a Goa'uld world?" Daniel looked around, worried.

"Yes, but not one Poseidon uses often." Jolinar started dialing an address.

"You gambled!" Jacob said.

"Yes - sometimes it is necessary." Jolinar grinned, hitting the red center button. "Do not worry - my fellow Tok'ra are mostly less... daring. They consider me a bit... foolhardy, I suppose." She pointed towards the open wormhole. "Let us go. Next world is a stop-over. Regardless of my sometimes rash behaviour, I would never risk the other Tok'ra... someone might be observing us, and see the address."

They stepped through the Stargate, and when the wormhole had shut down, Jolinar dialed yet another address.

"We'll be at your base when we walk through this time?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, we will - unless, of course, the base has moved. It is possible, but I think not." Jolinar sighed. "Be warned - my people will be on guard, and when we approach the entrance to the base, they will capture us. They will sense that I am a symbiote, but they will not know my host, so they will be wary and probably harsh until I can prove who I am. They will not harm the two of you." She hit the center button. "Ready?"

"I suppose..." Jacob said.

"Yeah... let's do this," Daniel added.

*Samantha? Sam?*

*I think we're about equally apprehensive, but yeah... I'm ready,* Sam answered.

*Do not fear. All will be well.*

With these words, Jolinar walked first into the wormhole.

They were going to their new home, together.