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* denotes host/symbiote internal communication

Chapter 8 summary: Prisoners - again! But at least they have an escape plan.

"Prior. We have placed the unbelievers in confinement. They await their destiny."

"I shall attend to the matter in due time. Where is the rest of your people?"

"All of us from Thebe have been given shelter with brothers of the faith here. Our group awaits the chance to serve you again."

"The time to call on all the faithful children of the Ori, is drawing near. Our warriors are fighting the unbelievers everywhere, and their ranks can never overflow."

"Locked up again - just on a different planet!" Sam exclaimed, kicking the very locked door. "Great!"

"Yes, it is exasperating," Martouf agreed, as he slowly examined the entire wall of their prison. "This building is very well constructed - unfortunately."

"No food and no water - I wonder what they'll do to us?"

"The Prior will presumably attempt to convince us of the joys of worshipping the Ori."

"Probably." Sam sighed. "I can't say I'm looking forward to it - I'd almost prefer they'd kill us outright."

"I very much doubt that will happen as long as the Prior believes there to be any chance he can convince us. The Tok'ra and the Tau'ri are some of the only adversaries the Ori have left, after most of the Jaffa joined them. The Prior will not easily give up this opportunity to acquire agents in both places - even though I am stationed at the SGC, I still return to the Tok'ra for shorter periods, from time to time."

"Very true." Sam sat down against the wall, leaning back against it.

Martouf walked over and sat beside her, taking her hand in his. "If there is one thing I have learnt during my time as a member of SG-1, it is that no one will be left behind. The others will come for us, Samantha. We will get out of here, somehow."

Sam nodded. "I try to believe that, but these damn Ori are just so powerful. There's very little we can do - sometimes I despair that we'll ever win over them." She sighed. "I wonder if the anti-Prior device will even work twice against the same Prior?"

"Perhaps it will - or else they will find another way." He caressed her hand, then entwined his fingers with hers. " have been very quiet today - even before they came to get us this morning. do not regret what we did tonight? You don't regret agreeing to become ours again?"

"No! Of course not, Martouf!" Sam said with conviction. "I just have a lot on my mind..."

"Not surprising, given that we are currently prisoners." Martouf looked closely at her. "But that is not what you are talking about...what concerns you, my Samantha?"

"Blending. I've thought about it some more, and I think I definitely want to do it...but what happens then? What if my symbiote doesn't get along with you two? What if she doesn't want to live on Earth? How will Stargate Command - and my friends - react?" She frowned. "I guess Stargate Command wouldn't complain too much - they already have you working for them, so one more Tok'ra shouldn't be a problem. My friends are mostly your friends also, so they don't have issues with Tok'ra."

"Except for O'Neill. I'm still not sure he would be pleased if you became Tok'ra." Martouf sighed. "They are valid concerns, but I believe I can reassure you, partially, at least. Unless your future symbiote is in a relationship with another - or has a strong personal dislike for either Lantash or myself - it will come to feel as you do. You know this. Tok'ra love as one. There are only..." He thought about it - and likely conferred with Lantash as well. "Seven Tok'ra who have strong feelings against Lantash or I. A few of those just does not get along with us, but most dislike us due to our support of Jolinar in certain matters."

"I guess they'd hate me more than you, then." Sam smiled wryly.

He nodded. "They probably would, which means you shouldn't blend with them in any case."

"Okay, so pretty good odds I'll not end up with someone who hates you. That's good. She still may not want to live on Earth. I mean, you two are handling it great, but I'd guess it's not an easy place to live for an alien."

"It is not always easy - your culture is quite strange, sometimes." Martouf smiled at her. "Though we have gotten used to it, and there are many things we like as well. You are correct, though, and I could well imagine certain Tok'ra who would dislike it intensely." He bowed his head and gave Lantash control.

"Most likely any symbiote you blend with would attempt to accept life on Earth, especially if it was important for you to live there. Regardless, our home is with you, and we would return to the Tok'ra immediately, if you went to stay there."

"Thank you." Sam smiled at him, looking a little embarrassed. "I already feel bad for causing you to move around for me." She kissed him. "I am a very lucky woman."

"It is Martouf and I who are lucky, beloved." He deepened the kiss, and they embraced each other.

Lantash slid his hands under her open jacket, and pulled her shirt out of her pants. He enjoyed the feeling of her naked skin under his fingers, as he caressed her side and back. Sam moaned into his mouth and pulled at his clothing as well, then managed to get herself under control. She sighed as she pushed away from him a little - enough that she could look into his eyes, which were already dark with desire.

"Um...Lantash...we probably shouldn't...I mean, the Prior could be here any minute, and I doubt he'd appreciate watching us have sex."

"I care not about the Prior and what he thinks about us!" Lantash scoffed, then his expression softened as he smiled at Sam. "Beloved..."

He caught her lips in a fiery kiss, making Sam forget about the Prior or where they were, as a haze of lust descended over her mind. As their passion grew, they lay back on the floor together, and began pulling at each others clothing again.

"Unbelievers think only of fornication and other pleasures of mortal life. Know that the wicked shall suffer for their mortal sins and refusal to see the light. The true gods shall bring divine judgement on the evil ones of this Galaxy."

With regret, Lantash let go of Sam and turned to look at the Prior who was standing outside the door to their holding cell. "The Ori are false gods, and I will no more worship them than I will worship the Goa'uld." He looked at the Prior with an expression that was equal parts annoyance and arrogance.

"Tok'ra...those who are prideful and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust," the Prior said. "Those who follow the path of righteousness shall be raised up high."

"You know, I think he's a recording," Sam observed, getting tired of the Prior.

"Prior...I apologize for interrupting, but we have captured more unbelievers from the same group," a man who had just come into the room, said.

"Bring them here and confine them with the other wicked ones. We must not risk anyone else getting contaminated by their evil."

"As you wish." The man bowed.

The Prior stared into the air for a few minutes, then talked again. "Prepare the warship. The unbelievers must be taken to the ones in charge."

"It will be done."

"You okay?" Mitchell asked, looking at Sam and Lantash.

"We are fine, thank you," Lantash said.

"So much for our rescue mission," Vala complained.

"It's the thought that counts...or something." Sam sighed. "We're happy to see you, I would just have preferred the circumstances were different."

"Oh, I agree." Mitchell made a crooked grin. "They didn't search us very well, though - we managed to get these in." He held up two small devices.

"What's that?" Sam wrinkled her brow. "It looks a bit like the anti-Prior device, just smaller."

Daniel nodded. "That's what it is. Our scientists have worked together with the Tok'ra scientists and come up with a much smaller version. It hasn't been tested yet, of course, but they're sure it'll work."

"I remember hearing something about that. It should be harder for the Priors to counteract than the current one," Lantash said.

"Cool - though I guess it remains to be seen if it works in reality," Sam pointed out. She looked at Teal'c, frowning. "Shouldn't you have stayed on the base? You were banged up pretty badly yesterday."

"Unnecessary, as I am well," Teal'c insisted.

Sam shook her head. "Jaffa stubbornness."

"What about your tretonin? They did not take it from you this time?" Lantash asked.

"No, they did not."

"Truly, these Ori followers seems to be somewhat lacking in diligence when it comes to searching their prisoners," Lantash observed. "Very fortunate."

"How much did you bring? I hope you've got enough for an extended stay, because the Prior seems to have decided we're going on a little trip in one of their warships," Sam said.

"Doctor Fraiser and Malek of the Tok'ra implanted a new 'tretonin pump' in the remnants of my prim'ta pouch. It works automatically and should function for 3 months before it needs to be refilled."

"They finally got it to work, then," Lantash observed, pleased.

"Yes, they did. I am only the second Jaffa to use it, but they do not expect any problems," Teal'c said.

"And it's not something that's as easily found or taken from you as the injector. Very good." Sam nodded.

Chapter 9: Taking Over An Ori Ship