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* denotes host/symbiote internal communication

Chapter 9 summary: SG-1 succeeds in getting loose and take control of the Ori ship they are on. Where to go and what to do - if they are even able to pilot the ship.

Sam made one extra check of the device. "It's ready."

"Good, then we'll just have to wait for the damn Prior to come gloating, and then we're - hopefully - in business," Mitchell said.

SG-1 had been taken on board the Ori warship and locked up in a - surprisingly fairly nice - room. Either there were no holding cells on these ships, or the Prior hoped to make his 'guests' look upon him with less hostility. If the latter was the case, it was not working.

"What do we do if we actually manage to incapacitate the Prior?" Daniel asked.

"What we should have done back on Thebes - kill him!" Vala exclaimed.

"I agree," Martouf said. "We cannot risk him getting his powers back, and I very much doubt we'll be able to convince him of the error of his ways."

"Yes, of course we kill him!" Sam agreed. "Then we need to see if we can command this ship. We've had some success hacking into their systems before, right?"

"Yeah, but it took a long time - and we don't have a laptop or anything else with us this time." Daniel pointed out.

"Maybe we could blow up the engines or something?" Vala suggested.

"With what? Besides, it'd be great if the good guys could get their hands on one of these babies!" Mitchell said. "That might help turn the tide of the war."

"What is the problem?" Martouf asked. "If I remember correctly, the memo said these ships are controlled with one of those control chairs, like the one on Antarctica? Well, if that's the case, then I can probably handle it, since both Lantash and I have the Ancient gene."

"Right! Of course!" Mitchell groaned. "How could I forget? Okay, so you can probably run this thing, unless the Ori installed something else in it, which I doubt. Then our problem gets down to how many baddies are aboard the ship, and how well they're armed. Jackson, you think you'll be able to show us the way to an armoury? We need some weapons ourselves."

"Quiet. Someone is approaching," Teal'c told them in a low voice. He had been standing near the door, listening.

"You're sure he's dead?" Daniel asked.

"Very sure," Teal'c told him, glancing at the Prior on the floor.

Mitchell quickly searched the body for anything useful. "I only found this." He held up a small device, which none of them recognized. "Unfortunately, he's got no other weapons than the staff - which we can't use." He looked unhappy.

"Well, we can always club someone over the head with the staff, so it's not completely worthless," Daniel said. "Sorry." He added, when Sam rolled her eyes at him.

The door was slammed open and two guards rushed in, having probably heard the commotion. They immediately saw the dead Prior on the floor.

"Blasphemy! What have you done to the Prior?"

"Killed him! I grew tired of listening to the worthless cur slandering the real gods!" Lantash told them, his eyes flashing a strong golden-white. "Tell me, who do you worship?"

"You, my Lord!" Both men said in unison, as they fell to their knees in front of Lantash, looking terrified.

"Good, I shall be merciful. This time!" He gave them a condescending look. "Hand over your weapons, you are not worthy of them!"

"Yes, my Lord."

They quickly gave him their weapons, and he handed one of them to Teal'c, who immediately raised it, pointing at them. Lantash did the same.

"Let's tie them up," Mitchell said.

"What now? What do we do about him?" Daniel asked, indicating the dead Prior. "We should hide him, in case someone else comes in."

"We can put him under the bed?" Vala suggested.

They dragged the dead Prior to the bed and hid him under it.

"Okay, what about them?" Sam inclined her head in the direction of the two Ori-followers.

"Please, don't kill us!" One of them begged, while the other just looked on in fear.

Ignoring them, the members of SG-1 continued discussing.

"Gag them and knock them out, then hide them somewhere," Daniel suggested.

"It would be safer to kill them. We cannot risk anyone finding them," Martouf said.

"I tend to agree, but we're the good guys. We'll do as Jackson suggests, then see if we can find some more weapons before we go look for the control room." Mitchell looked at them for a moment. "Martouf and Teal'c - you're the only ones who are armed right now. Aside from finding more weapons, we also need to figure out how many guards there are on the ship. Teal'c - you stay here with Vala and me, and help keep an eye on our prisoners..."

"I will interrogate our prisoners. They should have this knowledge we seek," Teal'c said, interrupting Mitchell before he could finish.

"Yeah, but we can't trust them to tell the truth - and they'd probably make a lot of noise before telling you," Mitchell pointed out. "Martouf - you, Sam and Jackson go get us something to defend ourselves with, and try to find out how many guards are aboard this ship."

"Yes, sir," Martouf and Sam said.

"Okay," Daniel added.

"You're no god," the boldest of the two prisoners told Martouf. "You let your host speak, and you obey orders from a human."

Martouf's eyes flashed as Lantash took control. "Fools. If I were a god, I would not have had to ask for your weapons before, and I would already know how many guards were on this vessel!"

It turned out the warship did not have a full contingent of soldiers, but only a skeleton crew. Probably, the Prior had reasoned they were not needed for this trip, and it would be better to keep them on the planet, should defenses be needed there.

Sam, Martouf/Lantash, and Daniel only encountered very light resistance, and soon located an armoury, where they equipped themselves. Meeting no one else nearby, they decided to bring weapons back to the rest of their team, before setting out to check on the ship and its contingent.

"This is Martouf. We've found the control room." He said into the radio. "There is a control chair, as we surmised there would be. I am going to try and see if I can activate it."

"Okay, be careful. We'll be there in a moment," Mitchell answered.

Martouf went to the control chair and sat down, leaning back in it and concentrating. It powered on immediately.

"Well?" Sam asked, after a few moments.

"There are eight life forms on board, aside from our own group."

"Good - that means we've got them all locked up." Sam said, relieved.

"I can access most of the systems, but not quite all of them. It is as if I am not able to activate those systems. Strange - the technologies that requires an Ancient gene to operate are usually either-or. You either have the ability to operate all of the devices systems, or none of them."

"Part of the chair's controls are likely keyed to the unique brain physiology of the Prior's. I think SG-5 reported seeing that somewhere, and since it's probably the Prior's flying the ships, that kinda makes sense," Mitchell said, walking into the room.

Sam nodded. "So there might be some systems they consider sensitive, and which are protected by an extra layer this way. Damn!"

"Wait...I believe I may be able to work around some of the blocks..." Martouf said, sounding distracted. "Yes..."

"It's working?" Sam asked.

"Partially. I am afraid we are in trouble. Several Ori warships are approaching fast..." He was quiet for a moment. "I have increased our speed and changed direction so we are flying directly away from them, but they have the same maximum speed as this ship, so we will not be able to escape from them for long."

"Do you have access to the weapons?" Mitchell wanted to know.

"Some of them, but we are only one ship - they are...four ships of the same size. I believe they are coming because the Prior on this ship managed to send a distress signal before he was killed."

"The small device we found in his pocket," Sam groaned.

"Presumably." Martouf focused on using the control chair again.

"What is the nearest non-hostile planet with a Stargate?"

"Cava. Officially, Ra held it until he died, but there is nothing there of value. No one else has claimed it. It is sparsely inhabited, by peaceful - and now very poor - people."

"Okay, Cava it is," Mitchell said. "Can you do anything so the Ori doesn't learn where we're going?"

"No...but I may be able to make this vessel blow up. The Ori would think we were dead."

"They would be right! We would be dead! That's a crazy idea!" Vala exclaimed.

"We would not. I will wait until we are in orbit over Cava before I order an overload of the power generators. We will use the transportation rings to escape at the last moment. The matter transfer should be masked by the explosion."

"That sounds...dangerous," Daniel said. "Can't we use the escape pods, or something? I mean, this thing has escape pods, doesn't it?"

Martouf concentrated on obtaining the information, then nodded slowly. "It does. However, the escape pods move very slowly, and they have built in homing beacons. We would be captured very quickly. As for using the ring transporter...the timing would need to be very precise, but Lantash and I believe it can be done."

"Any other ideas?" Mitchell asked. When no one said anything, he shrugged. "That's the plan, then. How long till we reach Cava?"

"Not long. Less than one hour."

"Okay. Let's prove we're the good guys, then. Gather our prisoners and put them on an escape pod and lets launch it as fast as possible. If we're lucky, it'll even slow down the other ships, when they go to investigate.

Chapter 10: Escaped?