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New Tok'ra base.

Several Tok'ra met them at the gate and took charge of a very angry Amaunet. She was immediately secured in a heavily guarded Tok'ra holding cell for the time being. The healers would soon attempt to extract the symbiote - they just needed a little time to prepare everything. A worried Daniel waited nearby.

They had also brought the child Sha're had given birth to. He had been named Shifu. The Tok'ra were going to examine him and see if he was affected by his Goa'uld genetic memory already. No one knew what, if anything, could be done to help him. The general consensus seemed to be that he should be monitored for signs that his Goa'uld memory had surfaced and otherwise they would just attempt to train him well, and prepare him in the hopes of making him strong enough to fight it. Some of the Tok'ra were former Goa'uld who had been able to resist the effects of their Goa'uld genetic memory, so they hoped that with help and mental discipline from an early age, Shifu would be able to do the same.

There was of course also the promise of vast amounts of knowledge to be gained, both for the Tok'ra and the SGC. While no one was happy Shifu had this burden to carry, it was hoped the knowledge would at least help in the war against the Goa'uld.

Meanwhile, Jacob was taken to meet Saroosh/Selmak. Sam/Jolinar and Martouf/Lantash followed, staying at a discreet distance while Jacob talked to Saroosh and Selmak. Jolinar, Martouf, and Lantash were all close friends of the Tok'ra leader, and very much hoped the blending would work out - also because Jacob, Samantha's father would then be saved as well.

Jacob was still very shocked and confused by it all, but he went into the room anyway. He looked at the elderly Saroosh. "You've gotta be kidding me!" Shaking his head, he turned to Sam. "I'm not sure I can do this, Sam."

Lantash answered him instead.

"No one wishes to pressure you in any way, sir. The decision is yours, but before deciding, might I suggest that you— you take a moment to get to know the symbiote that wishes to blend with you." 

"This is her?" Jacob indicated Saroosh.

"Actually, you can only see the host. The symbiote's inside her." Sam half-smiled.

"Inside her..."

"Yes, like Jolinar is inside me...Talk to her, Dad. Get to know her."

Selmak opened her eyes and looked at Jacob.  

"If you agree to the blending, we could be together for a very long time." She coughed.

"You don't look so good..."

Martouf/Lantash and Sam/Jolinar left the chamber while Jacob talked to Saroosh/Selmak.


Jacob talked with Selmak and her host for some time, and they eventually came to an understanding. Jolinar and Lantash both took control and went to assist. They began by instructing Jacob to lie on the platform beside Selmak, facing her.

"We do not enter our hosts through the back of the neck. This just leaves a scar that many of us find unsettling." Martouf said, briefly taking control.

*So why don't the Goa'uld do it this way too?* Sam asked, suddenly wondering.

*They do not wish to remember the horror on their host's face whenever they see their own reflection in the mirror.* Jolinar explained. 

"Goodbye, kid." Jacob said, looking at Sam. 

Sam took control and stroked his head.

"See you soon, Dad."

She gave Jolinar back control.

Instructed by Saroosh, Jacob leaned in as if to kiss her, and Selmak quickly jumped into her new host. She said goodbye to Saroosh and then she closed her eyes and appeared to become unconscious.

Sam immediately became concerned and asked for control. Meanwhile, Martouf gently checked on Selmak and Jacob, lifting one of their eyelids with a finger, to control how they were doing.

"Is he okay?" Sam asked, worried.

"He's very sick. And Selmak is weak. She may not have the strength to heal him."

"Well, is there anything we can do to help?"

"Nothing. Only time will tell."

Sam nodded. Jolinar tried her best to comfort her host. Martouf walked over to them and put an arm around them. He hugged them gently. Sam felt a little better and leaned back towards him, taking comfort from his closeness.

They waited for a very long time. Now and then, one of the other Tok'ra or one of the other members of SG-1 would stop by and check how Jacob and Selmak were doing.

Finally, Selmak awoke and sat up. Sam hurried to her father's side.

"How are you?" Martouf asked, concerned. He, too, approached the newly blended pair.

"We are well, both of us." Selmak smiled tiredly.

"Um, can I talk to my Dad?" Sam asked, wanting to hear from himself that he was fine.

"Of course." Selmak bowed her head and shortly after, Jacob looked up. He appeared a little confused.

"How are you, Dad?"

"I'm awful. Headache the size of Kuwait. There's too much stuff in here."

Sam smiled at him, a little apprehensive. "I know what you mean. It'll pass."

Jacob got up from the bed. "Whoa!"

Sam immediately felt alarm. Was something wrong?


Jacob grinned broadly, then jumped a little.

"No more arthritis! Holy Hannah! No more arthritis!" He sounded excited.

Both Sam and Martouf smiled widely at him, feeling very relieved.

While Jacob and Selmak had been blending, the Tok'ra had managed to remove Amaunet from Sha're.

It had been a difficult extraction - long and hard for everyone included. Amaunet had fought every inch of the way, and had come very close to killing Sha're several times. Finally, the Tok'ra had succeeded.

This was only a short time ago, and Sha're rested, exhausted and pale, in a bed with Daniel at her side. As emotionally draining as it has been, they were both happy. Sha're would survive, and she was free. She and Daniel were very much looking forward to restarting their life together.

The hissing and angry Amaunet had been taken away by the Tok'ra - who had guaranteed she would be killed immediately.

Now, when all the things of immediate concern had been taken care of, SG-1 and SG-2 could return home. Several Tok'ra would be going with them, to work on the details in the treaty between their two people. It would probably take some time to get it all to be satisfactory for both parties, but everyone were optimistic they would succeed.

Sam was now officially a member of SG-1 again - and Jolinar had been granted membership as well. However, they were currently on indefinite leave, as they had decided they would like to spend some time with the Tok'ra first.

Not only was there a lot to get used to for Sam, but she also needed time to get to know her mates - and they, her.

Sam and Jolinar did not want to make any decisions about their future for the time being, but most likely they would end up sharing their time between the Tok'ra and the SGC. Jacob had taken over the job as liaison they had considered, but this was not a problem. Sam and Jolinar would in any case be of more benefit to both the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri in a more active capacity.

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