* denotes thoughts or host/symbiote communication.

Chapter 4

Eventually, they made their way up onto the platform, and the woman carrying Sam, allowed her to get down from her back.

Lantash looked at Sam, clearly admiring her. She was dressed in clothing of a matching colour to his outfit.

She had on a long skirt, made up of two pieces of blue cloth, and open along both sides. She wore a short top, that left her midriff bare, and her arms and most of her shoulders were bare as well, since the top was held up with narrow bands only. The top was made of the same blue cloth as the skirt, but it was interwoven with gold, in a pattern of figures resembling snakes and birds.

Sam also wore sandals, and many gold armbands, armlets, and necklaces. In addition, she had on a small headdress, created from red feathers.

She smiled a bit awkwardly at him, and looked uncomfortably out over the huge mass of people who had assembled to watch her wedding. Seeing Martouf/Lantash standing in the middle of the platform, waiting for her, made her feel better, though.

He looked very attractive, even in the strange clothes he was currently wearing. Sam decided the best part of that outfit was that his chest was naked. She thought back to earlier, when she had seen the slavegirls wash him, and how jealous she had felt. She found herself wanting to slide her hands over his body, and wishing this was not just a pretend-wedding.

Sam considered whether or not she thought Aztecs kissed during their marriage ceremony, but to her regret, she suspected they probably did not.

She felt a flush of heat, concentrating between her legs - much stronger than what was reasonable, considering she was standing here before a large audience. She suddenly remembered the strange liquid they had made her drink. It had actually tasted very good, sort of fruity-spicy, and not like anything she had tasted before.

She thought about what it could have been, and really hoped they had not given her some sort of weird aphrodisiac! As she looked at Lantash again, and saw the confident, but reassuring smile he was sending her, she felt a wave of love - and another strong stab of lust.

Sam silently cursed the servants - then the priests of this world, as she realized they had drugged her. There was nothing to do except carry through with the ceremony, and hope they could escape soon.

A priest stepped forward with a large, loose-fitting white blouse, which he made Sam put on. Another priest gave Lantash a long white cape, to wear on top of what he had on.

The High Priest gestured for them both to sit on a mat on the floor, which they did. He looked at them with a very pleased and self-important expression. Sam felt like hitting him to wipe that smirk off his face.

In front of them stood a burner with incense, sending out a smoke which smelled strange, but not unpleasant.

Feather-adorned musicians and acolytes from the temple danced around them and played drums and maracas. To Sam it all seemed a little surreal, and almost as if she had been transported back through time, instead of to another planet.

Uetzcayotl said something neither Sam nor Lantash understood, and proceeded to tie Sam's new blouse and Lantash's cape together. He then gave them a maize cake and spoke again, this time in Goa'uld.

Lantash broke the cake in two and gave Sam half of it, and ate his own half. Sam did as he did, and the Uetzcayotl smiled happily at them. He was smiling a lot, a rather creepy smirk, and Sam was really starting to hate it. She threw a look at Lantash, and he very much looked like he shared her opinion of the High Priest.

Uetzcayotl continued to speak at length about the happiness he was sure Tonatiuh and his bride would share in their future life, and especially about how fantastic a harvest his planet would have.

Sam only caught some of it, as he was speaking in Goa'uld. She did remember a little of that language from Jolinar, and she had learned some later as well, but it was not quite enough - particularly not since this was not a common dialect.

Finally, Uetzcayotl told them to get up, and to go and partake of the small feast that had been arranged for them. Everyone in the city would celebrate tonight, and eat well, even if not as extravagant as 'Tonatiuh', his bride, and the priests.

Sam and Martouf/Lantash followed the priests and servants into another room, decorated with flowers and feathers.

There were several tables filled with food and drink. Sam did not recognize more than a few of the dishes, but there were plates with tamales, maize bread, baskets with whole corn cobs, and a large pot of maize soup. There were also bowls with beans, and with various cut fruits and vegetables. There were something that looked very much like tomatoes, avocados, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, as well as lime and peanuts.

She remembered reading something about the Aztecs not eating much meat, but either it was different here, or it was because this was a feast for a god's wedding. In any case, there were whole cooked turkey-like birds, as well as dishes made with rabbit meat, fish, and shrimp.

Sam knew the Aztecs had a drink made from chocolate, but that it had not been made like she was used to, with milk and sugar. Rather, it was a thick drink made from corn meal, cocoa, and various peppers and other spices. She did not think it sounded good, something she got confirmed when she was exposed to it shortly after.

Servants kept bringing her and Lantash food and drink, including an odd, alcoholic beverage. It was thick and sweet, and Sam really did not like it. From Lantash's expression, he did not care much for it either, but they both drank it anyway.

The celebration went on for a couple of hours, at which point the combination of alcohol and the aphrodisiac Sam had received had made her horny to the point where it took most of her willpower not to tear the clothes of Lantash. It helped somewhat that they were kept apart most of the time, and that they were not able to speak together. Sam did not understand enough Goa'uld, and Lantash could not risk speaking English - besides, the priests understood Goa'uld, and it was just too dangerous if they overheard anything.

Sam had just returned from a bathroom break. As frustrated as she had been feeling, she had intended to pleasure herself to get some relief, but unfortunately the servants had followed her to the facilities and remained there with her until she was ready to return. They had even insisted on washing certain parts of her, before she was allowed to go back to the celebration.

So now she was still just as frustrated, of not more, as the aphrodisiac seemed to not have reached maximum effect on her yet. She made a low moan and looked out over the people in the room, and caught Lantash's gaze. He flashed his eyes at her, and gave her a naughty smile - something which caused her to feel a stab of lust. Was he affected as well?

She took a deep breath and emptied the glass she was holding. She was getting very tired of it all, and hoped they would soon be allowed to leave - and particularly that the aphrodisiac would stop working on her, soon! At least before she got to a point where she was alone with Lantash and Martouf - or else she was quite certain the marriage would be consummated for real.

Not that she had anything against that. Quite on the contrary, in fact, but she was very afraid Martouf and Lantash might not really want it, and would only do it for her sake.

The priests and servants all bowed and left the room, closing the door after them. Lantash immediately took off the large feathered headdress he was wearing, and put it on a table beside the door.

Sam forced herself not to think of pushing Lantash and Martouf against the wall and having her way with them, and instead looked around for a moment.

The quarters they were in were very luxurious - and in the middle of the room was a bed, made from piled mats and feathers. Despite the fact that it looked somewhat strange, it immediately brought her mind back to the thoughts of a naked Martouf/Lantash...

"Um, weren't we... well, supposed to leave as soon as the marriage ceremony was over?" Sam asked. She allowed her gaze to slide over Lantash, and licked her lips. She had to admit that a large part of her was happy they had been put in here together - a part that was quickly becoming stronger. If only she was not so nervous Martouf and Lantash were not really attracted to her, but only interested in her due to Jolinar.

"We were, though it would seem the priests have other plans." Lantash swallowed as he looked at Sam. She was looking very attractive, and the strong love - and lust - he and Martouf had long felt for her was almost overpowering. He suspected one of the beverages they had drunk had been laced with an aphrodisiac of some kind. He took a deep breath and forced himself to look away. "Samantha... I believe it would be best if you stayed as far away from me as possible."

"What?" Sam stared at him, not understanding. "Why?"

"We will have to remain here tonight, in order to give the illusion that we are... consummating this marriage."

"Well, I'm sorry if you find the idea appalling!" Sam exclaimed, and turned to walk away from him.

"Samantha! How can you believe such a thing?" Lantash grabbed hold of her and turned her back around so she was facing him. "Martouf and I love you, and there is nothing we would want more than for this marriage to be real!" He drew a shaky breath. "Something we ate or drank contained... an aphrodisiac. We are not safe for you to be around right now."

"You love me?" Sam looked at him, suddenly smiling. She threw both her arms around him and hugged him to her. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that!" They both gasped as when their bodies touched. Reacting to the fire that seemed to be burning in her blood, Sam pushed him against the nearby wall. "I want you - so much!"

Lantash made a strangled sound and wrapped his arms around her. He pressed his lips to hers, and they kissed, Sam tangling her hands in his hair and pushing herself further against him, rubbing his already hard erection.

Now when she was this close to him, and no longer fighting the arousal, the effect of the aphrodisiac was so strong she could think of nothing but Martouf and Lantash - and how best to get theirs and her own clothing off as quickly as possible.

Lantash and Martouf were in a similar state of mind, with lust quickly clouding out everything else. "My sweet Samantha..." He took the headdress she was wearing off, and dropped it on the floor, before kissing her again, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Sam moaned and slipped her hands under his cape, running her fingers over his naked back, up over his shoulders, and down over his chest, very much enjoying the feeling of his smooth skin. Finding the clasp that held his cloak closed, she opened it, and the piece of clothing fell to the floor. She smiled as she leaned in to kiss and lick at his nipples.

Lantash moaned and slid his hands down over Sam's body, grabbing the flimsy top she was wearing and pulling it off her, and throwing it away.

She was not wearing a bra, so Lantash now had free access to her breasts. He fondled them and kissed them. Taking the tip of one of them in his mouth, he flicked his tongue over the nipple, making it harden. He gave it a soft nip, and moved to the other, repeating the treatment on it.

Trailing kisses down over her stomach, he reached the top of her skirt. It was only held in place with a band that was tied at the back, and Lantash undid it skillfully, allowing the skirt to fall to the ground.

He kneeled before Sam, and quickly loosened her sandals. He caressed her legs, drawing his fingers along the inside, up between her thighs, leaning in to drop kisses here and there. She spread her legs for him, and he looked up at her, a naughty glint in his eyes.

Sam swallowed, and looked down at him. "Lantash, I... I need..."

"Please, allow us to pleasure you, Samantha," Lantash said, his voice rough from arousal - audible even through the distortion.

She gave him a short, shaky nod. He smiled confidently at her, and grabbed hold of her hips, turning them around so she was the one with her back against the wall.

He placed a kiss on her inner thigh, then one on the other, before spreading her folds and kissing her clit. Sam gasped and closed her eyes, as Lantash started using his fingers and tongue to pleasure her. She was very wet, and very sensitive to his touch.

She swayed slightly, and leaned against the wall behind her. Lantash had now given Martouf control, and he continued what his symbiote had started. He flicked his tongue over her sensitive spot, while dipping first one, then two fingers inside her and thrusting gently, letting her get used to the feeling.

Sam tangled her fingers in his hair, running them through it again and again as she started to moan. She was getting very close to coming, and her legs were starting to feel weak.

"Lantash... Martouf! I..." Sam cried out and came hard, her legs almost giving out under her. Martouf caught her, and carried her to the bed, where he put her down.

He quickly untied his loincloth, and stepped out of his sandals before joining her, naked, on the bed.

Sam had been looking at him with a rapt expression while he undressed, and she now pulled him to her, and kissed him deeply.

Martouf slid a hand down between her legs, and spread her folds. "So wet... so ready for me... my Samantha..." he murmured hoarsely, looking into her eyes with an intense expression.

"Yes, yes!" Sam pulled him in for another drugging kiss. As their tongues tangled, she slipped a hand to the back of his neck, and started pressing and stroking gently along his spine, moving her fingers rhythmically. "I want you! Now!"

Martouf hissed with pleasure, as Sam caressed Lantash directly through the skin, and the pleasurable sensations moved back and forth between host and symbiote.

He pushed her back down on the mattress and kissed her until they were both out of air. He spread her labia and pushed the tip of his very hard shaft inside her. He pulled back a little, then pressed forward again, sinking deeper this time. She was very tight, but also very wet - and still affected by the strong climax she had experienced just a short time ago.

Since she was a virgin, she had been a little worried it might hurt, but her strong arousal and the remaining ripples of pleasure from her recent orgasm meant there was very little pain.

She resumed her pleasuring of Lantash, and Martouf gasped again. "Samantha... stop! We... we won't be able to go slow if..." He swallowed, and his eyes flashed as Lantash took over, trying to control their reaction.

Sam did not stop, but used her other hand to pull him down for a kiss. "I'm so horny I can't see straight!"

"As I mentioned... the aphrodisiac... is affecting us as well," Lantash said, panting slightly as he forced himself to hold still.

"Then fuck me! Stop fighting it!" Sam bucked up against him, causing his cock to be thrust deep inside her, hard. She moaned in pleasure as she was filled so completely, and rotated her hips, rubbing against him.

Lantash made a half-strangled sound and his eyes flashed. He gave up any attempts to control himself, and started rocking into her, with long, deep thrusts. He increased his speed, entering her harder and faster, as he spiralled quickly towards orgasm.

Sam kept making soft sounds and moans under him, moving against him in time with his thrusts. She was constantly just on the edge of coming, needing just a little more stimulation, and it was driving her crazy.

He changed the angle and rammed into her a few more times, hard. Sam gave a sob of relief as he stimulated her in exactly the right places, and she was finally pushed over the edge and came.

Her pussy contracted from her strong orgasm, and squeezed his cock. Lantash groaned deeply and came almost immediately, the climax more powerful than anything he could remember experiencing before. He collapsed on top of her and lay there for several minutes, both he and Sam breathing hard, before gathering the strength to roll off her.

"Our sweet, beloved Samantha..." He kissed her warmly. "You are wonderful."

Sam smiled at him, feeling tired, but very well satisfied - for the moment, at least. "Thank you - you're pretty great yourself." She suddenly yawned. "What do you say we try and get some sleep? I have a suspicion that whatever they used to drug us, will wake us up, ah, horny, again soon."

Lantash nodded. "The aphrodisiac is only slowly breaking down and filtering out of our bodies. I suspect it will be even slower in your case."

Sam got a slightly embarrassed expression. "I should be angry at them, but I'll have to admit I'm not."

"We don't need an aphrodisiac to want you," Lantash assured her, looking at her with open love - and desire - in his gaze.

"Thank you." She smiled. "It did give us a great excuse, though." She kissed him and snuggled up against him, making a satisfied sound.

"Yes, I suppose it did." He gave her a naughty smile, before sighed happily and pulling her close to him. Sam was already asleep, and Lantash and Martouf soon joined her.

Their prediction about the effect of the aphrodisiac had been quite correct. It had been a long - but also very wonderful night.

Sam was still feeling sleepy when servants knocked on the door to inform them it was time to prepare for the last part of the ceremony.

"More ceremony! I thought we could leave now?" Sam exclaimed.

"I shall make sure we do leave today," Lantash promised, giving Martouf control.

"As long as it is a harmless ritual, we should agree to it, though. We do not wish to raise their suspicion."

Sam sighed, but nodded. "Okay." She picked up a small piece of jade that fad been interleaved with the piled mats and feathers. "What do you think this means? There are more of them."

"No idea," Martouf admitted. "Probably it is merely something they consider will bring good luck?"

"Probably - I guess I'll ask Daniel about it later."

Martouf leaned in and gave her a kiss, then smiled at her, a suggestive look on his face. He sighed. "We should probably put on robes and go with the servants waiting outside - or else I fear I would be tempted to do something that will keep us here much longer than is our intention."

Sam rolled her eyes, but smiled at him. "Rascal! But you are probably correct." She rose and picked up one of the robes that were lying beside the bed, waiting for them. "Are you coming?"

Sam and Martouf/Lantash had been given ritual baths, and dressed in their new clothes - which were actually quite similar to the clothes they wore the day before. They had gotten a light breakfast, and then they were taken to the High Priest, where they were 'blessed' first with water, and then with beer, in some sort of purification ceremony,

Finally, they stepped out on the platform in front of a large audience of people who had gathered to greet their god and his new queen.

Lantash allowed them to pay tribute to them for a little while, but told the High Priest they could not stay for long - repeating he was needed for important business on one of his other, more important planets.

Uetzcayotl, the High Priest, looked more pleased than they would have expected, most likely because he was looking forward to being the one in control of the population again. He readily agreed to have O'Neill and Teal'c fetched - as well as Lantash's 'lo'tar' Daniel and his other slaves and Jaffa.

Soon they were all on their way to the Stargate, followed by several of the local warriors, and also Uetzcayotl. Because of that, they had to keep up appearances, until they were away from the planet.

They all drew a deep breath of relief when they emerged on the stop-over world Lantash had dialed. The wormhole shut down behind them, and he went to dial another address, this time to Earth.

"Finally! It's going to be good to get out of this and into some normal clothing!" O'Neill complained, touching the loincloth he was wearing. "I just hope we're not going to be hearing about this from the others on the base for, oh, the next several years!"

"Well, I think it'll take them a good deal longer than that to forget about the sight of you wearing that!" Daniel grinned. "Well, the sight of all of us."

"Would you wish to go to my Tok'ra base and change to something else first?" Lantash asked.

O'Neill looked tempted for a moment, then shook his head. "Nah, I don't think Tok'ra uniforms would look great on me either."

"We do have other clothing," Lantash told him, but hit the center button anyway, opening the wormhole to Earth.

"Let's just go home," O'Neill said. "I miss Earth. Thanks for coming to save our asses, by the way, Lantash. You too, Daniel."

Lantash inclined his head. "It was my pleasure."

O'Neill gave him a strange look. "Yeah, I'm sure it was," he mumbled in a low voice, throwing a look in the direction of Sam, who blushed as she looked at Lantash.

Sam and the Tok'ra stared into each others eyes for several moments, smiling. O'Neill just shook his head, and decided to ignore it. As long as his teammate was happy... and Lantash and Martouf seemed to make her happy.

Daniel took out his GDO and sent the code, then nodded. "We can go through."

"Good." Lantash smiled at Sam. "Ready?" He held out a hand to her.

"Yes, I guess so." She smiled back at him, then took his hand.

Together, they walked through the Stargate, followed by their friends.