Chapter 3

Fifteen clues later, they were only missing one, before they had an entire map.

"Perhaps we can guess it without the last piece?" Daniel suggested, after they had all tried - and failed - to figure out where they were supposed to look for the last part of the puzzle.

"No... there's several parts of the tunnels which would match, I think," Martouf said, thoughtfully.

"Okay, let's look at the clue again, then." Sam sighed. "It says, 'All have visited, one has claimed it - others merely borrow. Behind your friends it hides.' What could that mean?"

"I don't have a clue." Daniel shook his head.

"We do have a clue, just no idea what it means," Freya pointed out.

"Yeah, you know what I mean!" Daniel rolled his eyes dramatically.

Freya looked like she was getting angry, then suddenly she closed her eyes in the long blink she and Anise used when switching control.

"They are talking about my la-boratory," Anise told them. "We have all been there, and some other sci-en-tists think it is theirs to use as they please." She looked somewhat offended.

"It does say the others 'merely borrow'," Sam soothed.

"It's behind the tank with our pets!" Martouf realized.

"Yes! They're our friends, of course!" Sam said.

"Of course!" Daniel smiled widely. "My lizard 'Hammond', and the snake 'Janet' and her little snakelets."

"Which are getting bigger. We forgot to visit them! They must be heart-broken!" Sam looked horrified. "Come, quickly!"

They ran as fast as they could - both to find the next clue, but mostly to check on the animals they had caught in the desert, another time when they had visited the Tok'ra tunnels. Jacob and several of the other Tok'ra had been unhappy with them for going outside alone without telling anyone, and for capturing wild animals which might have been dangerous. Eventually, however, the animals had been allowed to stay as the children's pets.

After spending some time talking to - and petting - the animals, who bore it all with indifference, the children remembered the treasure hunt and started searching around the terrariums that held their pets. It did not take long for them to find the last piece of the map.

They sat or crouched down on the floor around the map, to look at it.

"Those cor-ridors, they're near the kitchen. Look!" Martouf pointed eagerly at the map, almost pushing the pieces away from each other. "And here... here's the mark of the treasure!"

"In the kitchen. To the right of... whatever that room is," Sam said, indicating the place on the map.

"It's a stasis chamber. A big one, for foods that may go bad," Martouf explained.

"Okay - let's get to the kitchen!" Daniel jumped up and pulled at first one, then another of his friends. "Our gifts are waiting for us! Come on!"

"What did you get?" Sam asked, trying to lean close enough to see what was in the box Martouf had just opened.

"A remote-controlled Tau'ri car." Martouf looked happy.

"Nice!" Sam said, with an envious expression. "I got a box with com-ponents to build various stuff. Battery-operated things and stuff."

"May I try to build something?" Martouf wanted to know, looking as envious as Sam had a moment ago.

"Yes, if I can try the car."

"Sure." Martouf grabbed his next package, and started unwrapping it.

"I got a new video-game from Jack. For our Playstation!" Daniel told them. "And some more LEGO! The LEGO is from Teal'c."

"What about you, Anise?" Sam asked, as she opened one of the packages for her.

"I have just started opening my first gift, so I do not know. Freya got a sweater from Janet, a scarf from Rhiva, and a new diary from Jack. She has not opened any other packages yet."

"Wheee!" Sam exclaimed happily. "I've got some of those small remote-controlled metal-insects Ren'al and Sova had built. You know, the listening de-vices we found last year!"

"That you stole from my laboratory last year," Ren'al corrected, walking into the kitchen together with a large group of other adults. "Sova thought we should make a few for you, now when they are no longer proto-types, since you seemed to like playing with them. They are for all of you, by the way."

Sam looked at the box. "Oops. yes, it has all our names on it." She grinned, sheepishly.

"I see you found the treasure," O'Neill observed, smiling.

"We did. The gifts are awesome!" Daniel jumped up and ran to O'Neill, hugging him. "Thank you so much!"

Sam, Martouf/Lantash, and Freya/Anise got up and went to hug O'Neill and the other adults as well, thanking them for the gifts, before running back to open the rest of the packages and playing with all their new toys.

When all the gifts were unwrapped, and the children had spent some time playing with the toys, Aldwin, Malek, Zarin, and Garshaw took them to the largest Tok'ra pool, where they played a Tok'ra game, that resembled water polo.

Garshaw and Yosuuf were happy for the excuse to play with the children. They had originally been transformed into children with the others, by the same alien device, but the Tok'ra scientists had managed to reprogram the device to partially grow Yosuuf and Garshaw into adults. The device had short-circuited before the process was complete, though, and they were now teenagers.

While the alien device could possibly be restored to its original function, and transform people into children, it had not been possible to find a way to make it function the other way again. That meant Yosuuf and Garshaw had to mature the normal way, and Sam, Daniel, Martouf, Lantash, Freya, and Anise, had to remain children until they grew up again, at a normal speed.

Despite not being fully grown yet, Yosuuf and Garshaw were again members of the Tok'ra Council. As such, they were rarely able to just relax and have fun, so a situation like this was to be relished.

They played for almost two hours, by which time the children were tired - and hungry. After eating a large portion each of desert fowl with vegetables, tubers, and the cook's special sauce, they were all so tired they almost had to be carried to bed.

It had been a wonderful day.

They had stayed at the Tok'ra base for three more days, before returning to Earth. Since the children had summer holiday, there was no school, and they could spend the days playing.

SG-1 had finally gotten a permanent fourth - or fifth, if you counted Soltof/Gimbad as two - member, when Cameron Mitchell joined the team. O'Neill felt better with him on SG-1, even if he would still have preferred to be on it himself, instead of being a General and in charge of the whole base.

Of course, SG-1 could never go back to being the same team it had been before, with Sam and Daniel little children. However, O'Neill felt that Teal'c, Hailey, Soltof/Gimbad, and Mitchell would be a good replacement. Teal'c would take care of them, he was sure.

The threat level from the Trust was high enough that the children had to spend most of the time on the base, but not so high that it was not possible to take them on short day trips now and then. However, O'Neill felt it was safest that he accompanied them, so it was not something that happened often, as much as there was to do at the SGC.

Chapter 4