The children had only just stepped through the wormhole, when they saw several SG team members coming from the nearby village.

"Damn! That's Major Peterson!" Sam exclaimed.

"We got to get out of here! Fast!" Martouf ran to the DHD, and frantically waited for the wormhole to shut down so he could dial another address.

"You're not supposed to say 'damn'!" Freya reminded Sam.

"Kids! Stop!" Peterson yelled, running towards them as quickly as possible. His team mates followed behind him.

The wormhole shut down, but Martouf was well aware that he would not have time to dial a new address and that they would not be able to run through before they were caught.

Instead of even trying, Martouf sighed and turned to face the agitated Major. He looked at him with an apologetic expression. "Yes, sir?"

"Are you guys crazy?" Peterson exclaimed. "Running away like that! You just took off two days ago! Do you have any idea how worried everyone have been?"

"We left a note," Freya told him.

"A note? Yeah, saying that you left to save Colonel Mitchell! We thought the Ori had taken you!"

"Someone needed to save him!" Sam insisted.

"And since we haven't found him yet, could you tell Jack and the others that we'll be back when we have?" Daniel said.

"I'll do no such thing! General O'Neill got furious with me! You little bastards are going back with me, now!"

"We're not bastards! We all know who our parents are, and as far as I know they were married when we were born," Daniel told him.

Peterson looked like he was about to explode, but one of the other soldiers, a man named Richard Wilkinson, grinned.

"What's wrong with you?" Peterson asked, testily.

"Aw, come on! They've got spirit!" Wilkinson laughed.

"They did a dangerous, stupid thing! You don't want to encourage that! They wasted everyone's time looking for them, and they don't even have anything to show for it!"

Martouf gave Lantash control, and he looked at Peterson with a defiant expression, flashing his eyes.

"We may not have located Cam, but we saved a planet from a new Goa'uld!"

"What?" Peterson shook his head.

"We learned that a Goa'uld calling himself Veles had set himself up as a Minor System Lord, ruling a few planets and enslaving the population!" Freya said. "He has got Jaffa."

"Okay, you can tell General Landry about that when we get back to the SGC - after General O'Neill is through with you!" Peterson pushed Lantash aside, and dialled Earth. As soon as the wormhole had formed, he sent the iris code. "Okay, everyone - time to go home!"

O'Neill had indeed been very angry at them, and so had Janet/Rhiva and Jacob/Selmak. They were, however, too relieved to see the children safe and sound to continue being angry at them for long. They did ground them to the base for a month, and more specifically to the three floors where their quarters, the mess hall, and their class room were located.

The Tok'ra sent a teltac to check out the planet where the children had scared away Veles's Jaffa, to determine if all was going well there.

The Stargate was buried, at least, and the Tok'ra found the population there safe. For now, at least, because there was always the risk that the Ori would find them, though the buried Stargate would probably mean it took a while longer.

The Tok'ra were grateful to be told about the Goa'uld Veles, and sent an operative to keep an eye on him, so something good had come of the children's mission, even if they had not succeeded in finding and rescuing Cameron Mitchell.

Some weeks passed without any further information about Mitchell, but then SG-1 came across a village that was considering whether or not to convert to Origin, but without being threatened by destruction. There they met Mitchell, now a Prior.

They succeeded in capturing him, and after some arguing back and forth about whether or not he could be trusted, they allowed him to go back and attempt to finish constructing the Sangraal, so the weapon could be sent to the Ori Galaxy to kill the Ori there.

It had worked out as planned - at least as far as getting the Sangraal built and sent to the Ori Galaxy. It was still unknown whether or not it had killed off the Ori, and another six Ori ships had in fact come through the now reopened Supergate.

The Galaxy was definitely not safe from the Ori yet, at least not from their followers, but at least Mitchell was back - and himself again.

Sam, Daniel, Martouf/Lantash, and Freya/Anise all ran towards Mitchell when they saw him, and threw themselves at him.

"Cam!" Sam squealed.

"You're back!" Martouf hugged him hard.

"We missed you so much!" Daniel added.

"We have baked you a welcome home cake!" Freya told him, then threw her arms around him, just like the other children.

Mitchell laughed. "Wow, kids! Relax! I mean, thanks! I missed you too, but this is a bit overwhelming!"

"Are there no cake for the rest of us?" Teal'c asked, smiling, as he entered the room, followed by Hailey and Soltof/Gimbad.

"Teal'c! Yes, of course there's cake for you too!" Sam told him. "Always!"

"And you too, Jennifer!" Martouf assured Hailey. "And you, Soltof and Gimbad!"

"Cake for all of SG-1!" Daniel said, happily. "Including those on... temporary leave!"

"Yes, we're still part of SG-1, right?" Sam asked, nervously.

"Of course you are, kids!" Mitchell grinned. "We're just holding your spots warm for you!"

"Come on and taste the cake?" Freya eagerly pulled at him.

"Sure." Smiling, he allowed himself to be dragged along, and the others all followed.

"You need to blow out all the candles!" Freya insisted.

"You put candles on it? But it's not my birthday!" Mitchell said.

"Well, you were turned into a Prior, and now you're a human again... so we thought it was kind of a new start..." Martouf explained

"There is one candle for each year you have lived, Cam," Daniel told him.

"Looks like a sea of fire!" Mitchell complained. "You're sure you haven't miscalculated?"

"Never!" Sam assured him.

"Come on! Blow out the candles so we can all have a piece of cake!" Martouf urged.

The puppy Bonnie came running into the room, and started jumping up and down by the table, panting. It was clear she knew about the cake and wanted to taste it.

"Okay, I'll try, but don't hold it against me if I can't blow out this many candles - or if I set the whole base on fire!" Mitchell looked ruefully at the many candles.

"Good thing it isn't the birthday of muscles here - that would have set the whole table on fire!" Vala said, as she grinning walked over to join them.

Martouf threw her a worried glance. "I know you're not Qetesh..."

"You've met me several times, kid, stop acting so worried each time!" She rolled her eyes, then smiled at him. "The Tok'ra freed me from Qetesh - you know that! They may have left me to fend for myself, but I have no hard feelings. Well, not against you, anyway... or you, Anise," she said, looking at the other Tok'ra child.

"Okay..." Martouf relaxed. "So... you want some cake?"

"That was what I was hoping, yeah. If Cam here is man enough to blow out those candles..."

"Hey!" Mitchell complained. "I'll show you all..." He took a deep breath, and blew at the candles. He managed to put out only eleven.

"Not bad, Cam!" Soltof grinned.

"Indeed. That was one candle more than I had expected him to be able to blow out," Teal'c said.

"Now, that's not nice!" Mitchell shook his head. "You guys are supposed to be my friends!"

"We are," Hailey assured him. "Now, do you need help with the candles? We all want some cake soon."

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