"You're going to your High School reunion? Can't we come?" Daniel asked.

"No, you can't. It's not a fun place for little children," Mitchell said.

"But I didn't get to go to my High School reunion!" Sam complained. "None of them!"

"I thought you didn't want to go?" Daniel asked. "You told me so!"

"That was when I was an adult! I think it would be fun now!"

"You're a little child - how would you explain that to your classmates?" Mitchell wondered.

"I could pretend to be my own daughter?" Sam suggested.

"Or you could just tell the truth," Martouf said. "That's so much simpler."

"What is a High School reunion?" Freya wondered.

"That's when you go and meet those you went to High School with, years later," Sam told her. "It's a party!"

"I wouldn't go that far..." Mitchell said, grimacing. "Celebration, maybe."

"Anyway, you need someone to go there with, right?" Sam smiled at him. "We could all be your date."

"Ah..." Mitchell looked like he was trying to think of an excuse.

He was saved from having to come up with one, as Vala sauntered over to him and leaned against the table, flicking her hair. "He already has a date. I am going to go with him."

"You are?" Mitchell looked at her, disbelief on his face.

"Sure, of course I am! I wouldn't abandon a teammate in need like that!" She winked at him. "Besides, you know you've been secretly desiring me for a long time. Ever since you met me, actually."

"No," Mitchell said, in a flat tone.

"Traditionally, these events entail the bringing together of large groups of people, all with a common bond in the past, but nothing really in common in the present. Everybody evaluates each other's lot in life, generally by virtue of a combination of material worth and the attractiveness of one's date, spouse, life-partner." Vala pointed at herself. "Let me go as your date? Pleease?"

Sam grinned. "Good luck with that, Cam!"

"Vala... no. Just no!" Mitchell insisted. "You will be bored out of your mind!"

"Don't you dare talk to me about boredom! Everybody else here has a life. Soltof and Gimbad are visiting the Tok'ra, Teal'c is off-world... Hailey..." She spotted her walking in through the door, "Hailey no doubt has something fun she is going to do. Me? I have absolutely nothing to do!"

"Me neither!" Sam told them.

"Or me," Martouf said.

"And I have nothing I should be doing," Freya insisted. "I can come with?"

"The same for me! Except school work, but I don't need to do that!" Daniel added.

Mitchell sighed and got a long-suffering expression. "Yes, you guys need to do your school work. Vala?" He sighed again. "Okay. You can come."

"If you want to, we can take a trip to the zoo this weekend?" Hailey offered. "I think Janet and Rhiva will arrive the day after tomorrow, and I'm sure they want to come too! That's much funnier than a boring old High School reunion anyway!"

The children looked at each other, then nodded eagerly.

"Yes, we'd like that!"

"I want to go look at the tigers!" Martouf announced.

"Oh, and the snow leopards!" Sam exclaimed. "They're awesome!"

"Those two exhibits are located close to each other, so we can do both at the same time," Janet said, looking at the map.

"But I want to see the Komodo Dragon!" Daniel complained.

"We'll go there afterwards, Daniel," Hailey assured him.

"What about you, Freya and Anise. What would you like to see?" Janet asked.

Anise looked thoughtful. "Bears. I want to see bears."

"Okay. We'll do that - just remember, let Freya have control or use her voice, okay?" Janet admonished, throwing a quick look around them to see if anyone had noticed.

"Can we go see the meerkats later?" Sam begged.

"Oh, and can we try the Sky Ride?" Daniel pointed to it.

"Come on! Let's go see the tigers!" Martouf insisted, impatiently.

"Why, again, was it you offered we would do this?" Janet asked Hailey, and gave her a tired look.

Hailey just grinned, then took Martouf's hand. "Let's go see those tigers, sweetie!"

"Can we go try the Sky Ride now?" Daniel begged, when they had walked around for some time, looking at various animals.

"They are feeding the pen-guins in five minutes!" Freya exclaimed, seeing a sign with the notice. "We need to go there, imme-diately!"

"Oh... oh! I agree!" Daniel said, eagerly.

"Okay, penguin feeding here we come!" Janet smiled at the enthusiastic children.

"It's over there! There's already a lot of people!" Martouf told them, pulling on Janet's hand.

Sam looked worried. "We need to hurry so we get a place where we can see something!"

They managed to find a place to stand where they had a good view of the penguin enclosure and pool.

"See, there's the keeper! She's got a bucket with her!" Daniel exclaimed.

"I think there's fish in that bucket!" Sam wrinkled her nose.

"Of course there's fish! What did you think penguins ate?" Daniel scoffed.

Sam stuck out her tongue at him, but she was too interested in watching the penguins getting fed, to concern herself any more with Daniel.

When they had watched the penguins eat, they hurried on to see the wolves getting fed.

"Seeing the animals eat is the best thing about Zoos!" Daniel exclaimed.

"Yes, so much funnier than watching people eat!" Sam agreed.

"Wow, they were certainly hungry!" Martouf observed, when the wolves had been fed.

"So am I," Sam said.

"Yes, and Lantash and I are hungry too. Can we go somewhere and eat?" Martouf asked. "Please?"

"Me too!" Freya said. "And Anise."

"I'm hungry too." Daniel proclaimed. "Can I have pizza and fries?"

"It's not a bad idea to get something to eat, but I don't think pizza and fries go well together, Daniel," Janet said.

"Do you want to sit inside or outside?" Hailey asked. "It's sunny and not too cold, so I guess we can sit outside if you really want to."

"Inside," Sam said. "Please?"

"I'd like to sit inside too," Martouf agreed. "It's cold."

"No one voting for outside?" Hailey looked at them. They all shook their heads. "Okay, inside it is."

Most of the eating places were closed during winter time, but a place called 'Grizzly Grill' was open, so that was where they ended up.

"Can I have a burger with fries?" Martouf asked. "Extra ketchup. And regular coke."

"Same, but I want diet coke," Sam said. "It tastes much better."

"No it doesn't. It tastes ar-ti-ficial," Martouf insisted. "Lantash says it's unhealthy."

"So is regular coke," Sam told him.

"What would you like to eat, Freya? Anise? Daniel?" Janet asked.

"Pizza with fries. I already told you," Daniel said. "With mustard. I'd like Dr Pepper to drink."

Janet shook her head. "That's really not a good combination! Sam? As your doctor, I should point out that most of the food in here is unhealthy. Except for the salads... I think. You never know what they put in them!"

"We're on a trip. We shouldn't worry about food. Right?" Sam said.

"Maybe." Janet sighed. "Freya? What would you and Anise like?"

"We are not sure. I would like pizza, but Anise wants ice cream."

"Why don't you pick the pizza now. Then we can maybe all get ice cream later?" Hailey suggested.

Freya nodded. "That is acceptable. I would like Sprite to drink."

Janet and Hailey ordered the food and drink for the children, and then some for themselves.

"You run ahead and grab the table over there in the corner. We'll bring the food," Hailey told them.

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