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Spoilers:  Summit


Summary: This was written in response to a challenge at the “We Love as One’ Sam and Martouf fanfic archive. As of right now, I am unable to access the page to find out who’s challenge it was, but this is a what if scenario. What if during ‘Summit’, Lantash had gone into Sam instead of Elliot?


I have always and will always think of Lantash as a male, so in this story he’s still a he. I have no idea how a symbiote would act in such a situation as this; this is just my version.


Info: When this idea first popped into my head, I was really reluctant to write it because of the whole ‘the symbiote has no gender’ and I’ve always thought of Lantash as male and now suddenly, by placing Lantash into Sam’s body, ‘he’ is now a ‘she’. What with all the feelings Martouf/Lantash had for Sam, and then doing this, I was left with the question: With Sam as Lantash’s host is she suddenly in love with herself?

And don’t even get me started with the ‘what the host feels, the symbiote feels’, that’s a whole other headache.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2