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16: Egypt

Summary: Sam and Martouf/Lantash go to Egypt on their trip.

Some days later, they again found themselves in an airport, this time going to Egypt, something Martouf and Lantash were very much looking forward to.

“It’s been almost six weeks, now, and still no results from their investigation.” Sam sighed, looking at the clock on the wall. Just over an hour more before their plane left. “They haven’t even managed to identify if anyone else at the SGC are involved with the conspiracy. Sometimes I think Anise is wrong and there isn’t anyone else involved.”

“I am very sure she is correct. As well, everything I heard at the court of Am-heh’s suggested the Goa’uld Petbe was sent here to the world of the Tau’ri, and that there was perhaps another Goa’uld here as well. Am-heh would not have done so unless they wanted to build the organisation on this planet, and Stargate Command is a logical - necessary, even - place to infiltrate. There must be someone there who is involved, someone in a fairly high position,” Martouf insisted, keeping his voice down.

“All right, yeah, I suppose that’s right.” Sam looked unhappy. “I really hope it’s not someone in a position to know about our mission. They can’t exactly test everyone unless they want the cover for the investigation blown.”

“Very true, unfortunately,” Martouf agreed. “We shall just have to, ah, ‘lie low’ as you call it, and wait until more information is available before we can pursue those involved.”

Sam and Martouf/Lantash stepped out of the airplane in Cairo International Airport.

“So, Egypt - are you excited?” Sam asked, smiling at him.

Martouf smiled back. “Very.” He grabbed her hand and squeezed it, then spoke in a low voice. “So is Lantash. We both wonder how much still remains from when the Goa’uld were here.”

“Though Lantash is much too young to remember that.”

“Yes, of course, but he has genetic memory from Egeria, as you know. True, she spent only few years on the Tau’ri, and during that time she only briefly visited Egypt, but it would not have mattered, as most of the Goa’uld had long abandoned that part of the world by that time.”

“Yes, I remember you told me that - she went to Earth to try and convince the Goa’uld to stop going there to take slaves.”

“Yes, and she mostly succeeded, as you know. Regardless, Egeria’s queen-mother, Maat, did live in Egypt for a significant part of her life, during the time before Ra was forced to leave. The Tok’ra all have some genetic memories from her, too, of course.”

Sam was quiet for a moment, then nodded. “Yeah, thinking about it, I realize that would have to be the case... it’s just, wow, symbiotes do have memories far back in time, many generations! It must be... weird, but also awesome in a way.”

Martouf gave Lantash control, and he continued, using Martouf’s voice. “Since that is how it has always been, we do not find it ‘weird’, my Samantha. It is... sometimes useful, but it is also part of what makes the Goa’uld evil, as they have the memories of generations of forebears being worshipped and treated like gods. Memories of atrocities being committed, with everyone around them telling them it is the order of things.” He shook his head. “Together with the effect of the sarcophagus, making them feel megalomaniac, it is perhaps... no wonder they are as they are.”

“No, it’s not. What’s surprising is that you guys are not. Egeria - and those, like Jolinar, who also changed themselves and became Tok’ra - are quite impressive. I doubt most humans could have done it.”

“We are forever grateful to them for it. The rest of us merely follow what we have known from an early age to be true. I sometimes wonder if I would have had the strength to change, had I not had the great fortune of being born with the knowledge from Egeria,” Lantash said.

“Somehow, I think you would.” Sam smiled reassuringly at him, and gave his hand a squeeze. “Come - I think baggage claim is this way.”

After getting their luggage, they had checked into a hotel, and then eaten a very tasty dinner.

They were walking back to the hotel, at a low pace, enjoying watching their surroundings.

“It’s hotter than last I was here,” Sam observed. “But just as dusty.”

“You have been to Egypt before?” Martouf asked, interested.

“Yes, last year. We went to try and stop Osiris from getting away - unfortunately, we didn’t succeed.”

Martouf nodded slowly. “Yes, I remember being told Osiris had shown up again... when they briefed me and Lantash after we had been healed.” He looked thoughtful. “He has taken an acquaintance of Doctor Jackson as his host, is that not correct?”

“He has, yes. Someone called Sarah Gardner.” Sam sighed. “As I said, we were unable to stop him - he got to a ship he had hidden under a tomb or temple, or whatever it was supposed to be, out in the desert.”

“It is deplorable that he got away, and I am sorry about the poor woman who is now his host.” Martouf frowned. “As for the rest... it is... interesting . Did you find anything else there?”

“Yes, but Osiris got most of it. There were a number of Goa’uld artifacts... hand devices and such. Also a ring transporter. I think the whole place has been sealed of and turned upside down, looking for whatever else may be there.”

“So we will likely find nothing, if we go there.”

“No, probably not.”

“We should go see if there are other ruins that might be Goa’uld in origin.”

“We will, don’t worry.” Sam smiled and gave him a kiss.

They had just returned to the hotel, when Sam’s cell phone rang.

“Hello? This is Major Carter,” Sam said, knowing only someone from Stargate Command would have the number.

“Major Carter. This is Hammond. We have some important information.”

“Yes? About the Goa’uld conspiracy, I assume?”

Correct. We have determined who the spy - or should I say ‘spies’ - at Stargate Command are. There are a number of airmen and lower administrative personnel, none of whom had access to classified information, and who was apparently just tasked with reporting what they saw. We have decided to leave them alone, so as not to make their leaders suspect we are on to them. However...” Hammond paused.


Siler has been compromised.”Hammond sounded pained.

“Siler?” Sam was not sure she had heard correct.

Yes. He didn’t know it, of course, but now with a few people here keeping an eye out, they noticed he had been behaving strangely. It turns out he has been brainwashed. The Tok’ra are treating him, so hopefully they will be successful. Hammond sighed, “Major Carter... he knew both that the Tok’ra visited that day when they brought Martouf and Lantash here, and that you are on a secret mission. Now, I am certain Siler did not know Martouf and Lantash is alive and on Earth, nor does he know what your mission is or where you are. Hopefully, Siler didn’t report you, and in any case, no one should know where you are.”

“Understood, sir.” Sam tried to suppress the concern she felt.

You should be safe, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful, in case someone does know enough to be suspicious.

“Of course. We’ll take care.”

“I’ll contact you when we have been able to interrogate Siler, and have more information.”

Sam said goodbye and hung up, then turned to relegate the information to Martouf. From his expression, it was clear he had heard most of it.

Chapter 17: Looking at Ruins