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9: Going to the ZOO

Summary: Visiting the ZOO and learning a little about Tau'ri animals. Of course, there is also time for Sam and Martouf/Lantash to get to know each other a little better.

It was early morning when Martouf awoke again. Sam’s sleep was again restless, but it did not seem troubled this time. Her moans and soft whimpers were not those of pain or suffering, but rather of pleasure.

“Oh, yes... Lantash...” Sam moaned, then arched her body.

Martouf gently ‘nudged’ Lantash, who was already waking up. *I... think she is dreaming of us... you...*

Lantash listened to her soft moans for a few moments, before Sam breathed another ‘Lantash’ followed by ‘oooh’.

*I, ah, believe you are correct.*

*Should we wake her?* Martouf felt very unsure.

He really wanted to take her into his arms, and make love to her, as she was obviously dreaming he and Lantash were... but he realised she might be embarrassed that she had woken them up like this, and not appreciate their advances. Even if she did seem to be interested in them, if her reaction to their kisses the day before was anything to go by.

*Yes, we should wake her up and let her experience the pleasure in reality, that she now only knows in dreams,* Lantash insisted, self-assured.

He took control, and leaned in to kiss her, just as the telephone rang. Sam made a small gasp and was immediately awake, while Lantash silently cursed that particular piece of Tau’ri technology.

Sam felt for the telephone on the night table, and found it, answering it.

“Carter, here.”

After talking for some time, Sam hung up and turned to Lantash. “That was my dad. He told me they had managed to capture the Goa’uld that were building the spaceship. Selmak had done as you guessed, and put on the hand device and pretended to be a Goa’uld, and promised them power and riches, and a way off the planet. They had believed her, and gone to work on the ship instead of attacking. Meanwhile, dad got hold of the SGC, and some people were sent to apprehend the Goa’uld.”

“All were captured?” Lantash asked.

“Yes. It turned out the NID had known about the operation for some time, and were just waiting for the Goa’uld to finish building the ship, so they could take it. They were not pleased by the interference.”

“They were being foolish if they thought they had everything under control. If the Goa’uld were cloning more symbiotes, it would only be a matter of time before a great many more people had been taken over, probably also those from the NID. It could have become very dangerous.”

“I agree.”

“What about the locals who had been taken over by Goa’uld? Will the SGC need help to remove them, or can that drug Jacob and the others found be used?”

“They’ll use the drug. The symbiotes were made very vulnerable to it, and it kills them in minutes... though it’s completely harmless to normal symbiotes - Anise checked out the sample - so we can’t use it if any of our people gets taken over otherwise.”

“While it is unfortunate, I must admit it makes me feel... safer.” Lantash gave her a wry smile.

“Of course, Lantash!” Sam looked at him, horrified at the thought of anyone using something like that on him. “I’m glad it doesn’t work on normal symbiotes, but only on those that have been genetically engineered. There’s too many idiots in the NID... and elsewhere... who might otherwise decide to use it a bit indiscriminately. And it's not all of them who is willing to admit there’s a difference between Tok’ra and Goa’uld. Unfortunately.”

“I hope the relationship - and friendship - between your people and mine will become stronger, and that we will stop looking at each other with suspicion,” Lantash said, taking her hand and squeezing it.

“You and me both!” Sam glanced at the clock. “Damn, it’s almost 8AM.” She yawned. “I guess it’s time to get up, then, if we want breakfast.”

After eating breakfast, they had decided to go to the London ZOO, so Martouf and Lantash could see some of the animals on Earth. Many of them most likely had been brought to other worlds as well, but this would be a good way to learn their English names.

“What would you like to see first? Big cats? Giraffes? Penguins?” Sam wondered.

“I assume ‘big cats’ are not just large ordinary cats, like the ones many farmers have to keep mice populations down.” Martouf smiled. “The other animals I have no guess what are.”

“No, it’s really big cats, like, uh, lions? You know, a cat-like animal with a mane - or at least the male has one - and they eat antelopes... deer-like animals,” Sam tried to explain.

Martouf nodded. “I understand. It’s called ma’i in Goa’uld, and such creatures exist on some worlds. Yes, I would like to see these animals.”

They walked to the section of the ZOO that had enclosures for big cats, and looked at lions, tigers, and servals.

“They have all these animals on other planets?” Sam asked.

Martouf nodded. “Yes, the Goa’uld brought a great many animals from the world of the Tau’ri, both to create viable biological systems, and for hunting. That animal is called a nah’mu, though the ones I have seen were larger than these, and I believe the colouring of the pelts were a little different - narrower stripes, and brighter colours.”

“I’m not surprised they were bigger - these are Sumatran tigers, which are the smallest of the tigers,” Sam told him.

They slowly walked through the ZOO, looking at zebras, giraffes, many species of birds, reptiles, and a multitude of other animals. Martouf and Lantash obviously enjoyed watching the many different kinds of animals, and learning about Earth in this way.

Sam enjoyed watching Martouf and Lantash, and their enthusiasm, and she also found it interesting to learn the Goa’uld names for the animals, as well as some of the stories she was told about the places her companions had been to when they had observed animals like these before.

After walking around for several hours, they decided it was time for a late lunch, and they found one of the cafes in the ZOO, and sat down.

“I think, perhaps, I should show you how our money works, and then withdraw some for you,” Sam said, when they had finished their lunch. “It would probably be a good idea, so you’re able to pay for stuff yourself sometimes, instead of me doing it for you all the time.”

“I do not mind. Besides, you are pretending to be my mate, so why would it matter which one of us pays? The money would be shared.” Martouf looked puzzled.

“Yeah, that’s true, but at least in some countries they still expect the man to handle such things, so if we travel there, they may be, ah, suspicious, or at least take note of it. Or maybe even look down on you.”

“I care not for their opinions, but I do not wish to draw unwanted attention, of course. Thus, Lantash and I agree that you should show us how your money works. Is it different from how shesta functions? I would think it would be similar?”

Sam looked over the area around them, and since they were sitting in a fairly private spot, she pulled out different denominations of coins and banknotes, and started showing him.

“It is easy to understand. They function the same way as shesta, except there are more denominations. It will not be a problem for us to use these.” Martouf pushed the money aside and took Sam’s hands in his. “Samantha, both Lantash and I are very much enjoying this opportunity to learn more about your world, but especially about you, and to get a chance to come closer to you. We have wished for this in a very long time.”

“Ah, thanks, Martouf.” Sam looked down, then back up at him. “I... I am a little confused.”

“By your feelings... because of Jolinar?” Martouf asked, saddened.

“No. No not anymore. I was, for a long time, but I’m not anymore.” She shook her head. “No, what confuses me is... or maybe not so much confuses me, as concerns me...” She swallowed. “Martouf... Lantash... during the attack on Revanna... when, when the other Lantash was killed... before he was killed, I learned of his feelings.”

“And now you are thinking if he felt as we do?”

“Yes, and I... I am also very sorry I didn’t tell him... of my feelings. He died, without ever knowing.” She closed her eyes, and she felt tears threaten. She had regretted this for so long. “I’ll never forgive myself for that.” She took Martouf’s hands again. “He loved me... loved me as much as he loved Jolinar!”

Martouf bowed his head, giving Lantash control.

He raised her hands to his lips, and kissed them, then looked at her, very solemnly, and spoke, hiding the distortion. “I am sorry, Samantha, but I am sure he knew you at least cared for him. He would not have wanted you to be in pain over this still.” He kissed her hands again. “As for our feelings, I assure you, we feel as he did. Indeed, he was a copy of me, so you should already know this. Regardless, believe me... we love you, as much as we love Jolinar.” He looked directly at her. “How do you feel, Samantha?”

Sam blushed at the direct question, but then she smiled, realising what he had just said. “You love me?”

“Yes,” Lantash repeated, looking tense, worried, when Sam did not immediately divulge her feelings.

“I‘m so relieved!” Sam’s smile widened, then she gently caressed his cheek. “I love you too, both of you. I’m sorry it took me so long to admit it... and to realize it.”

“Thank you for telling us, Samantha.” Lantash looked immensely relieved. “You have no idea how long we have dreamt of hearing you say that!”

He rose and pulled her up to him, embracing her and kissing her. Sam returned the kiss happily, deepening it. She felt warm, happy, dizzy, all at the same time. Lantash tangled his tongue with hers, and his hand began to slide down towards her ass.

Remembering they were in a public place, she managed to reign in her emotions, with great difficulty, and gently pushed him away. When she saw his crestfallen look, she gave him a quick kiss to show him she was not angry at him. “Sweet Lantash... I love you, but this is, ah, not the right place.” She glanced around, to see if anyone had noticed, but if they had, they did not seem to mind. She sighed. “Come, let’s go. What do you say we go to the aquarium?”

“Aquarium?” Lantash repeated, puzzled. “That is a tank for keeping fish in, is it not? How can we go there?”

“Yes, but it is also the name for a building with lots of fish tanks inside - they have one here at the ZOO, exhibiting various species of fish,” Sam explained, as she collected the coins and banknotes she had shown Martouf/Lantash, from the table.

“Why would I want to go look at fish?” Lantash put an arm around Sam’s waist. “I would much rather look at you, naked, as you cry out in pleasure, while I make you come again and again.”

Sam blushed at his directness. “Ah, um, that sounds... that sounds wonderful, Lantash. I just thought... it’s not even 3PM yet, so maybe it’s a bit early to return to the hotel - and aquariums usually have subdued lights, so we can at least, ah, kiss and... and hold each other close, without anyone paying attention.”

Lantash nodded, somewhat reluctantly. “We shall go there, then.”

“Look, seahorses!” Sam exclaimed, happily. “I’ve always thought they were adorable - and totally weird!”

“They are indeed quite unusual, my Samantha,” Lantash murmured against her neck, not really interested in the fish. He kissed her neck, then put his arms around her and held her to him, as they stood beside the fish tank, with the seahorses inside swimming around.

Sam smiled, and leaned back in his arms. They had walked around for perhaps an hour, and Martouf and Lantash had caught her up in their arms and kissed her, every time they stood somewhere remotely private. She half-turned in his arms. “Perhaps we should return another day?”

“I think that would be a good idea, at least if you mean to teach us the Tau’ri names of these creatures. I must admit, I find my concentration and patience lacking in this area right now. My thoughts constantly go to you, Samantha.” Lantash told her, keeping the distortion out of his voice.

“You’re a charmer, even when you’re admitting you’re not interested in what I’m showing you!” Sam giggled.

“Oh, Samantha, I am very interested in what you can show me.” He got a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Sam rolled her eyes, and gave him a push in the direction of the exit. “Let’s leave here, then.”

They sat in the Subway, on the way back towards their hotel, when Sam spotted a poster. “What do you say we go to the ‘London Eye’? It’s a big... Ferris wheel - which I realise you don’t know what is, but I think it could be fun. We’d get to see the city from high up, and you might like that. London is one of the larger cities, and I know that’s rare... where you come from.”

“True, it is,” Martouf admitted, though it was clear he was not convinced he would enjoy the experience.

Sam laughed. “Oh, come on! It’ll be fun! And it’s too early to eat dinner anyway.”

“As you wish, then... Sandra.” Martouf said, looking at the many people around them. It was crowded, actually, and he had to admit he felt somewhat uncomfortable, as did Lantash. This was not something they were used to, as most planets held very few people compared to Earth.

She took Martouf’s hand and looked at him. “What is it?”

“Your world... it is beautiful, interesting, and very different... and there are very many people, everywhere,” Martouf said, keeping his voice down.

Sam closed her eyes, realising his problem. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t think about that. I mean, I know most planets have only a fraction of the population of Earth, but I only thought about this as something that could be interesting - and different.”

“Which it is. We just need time to... get used to it.” He smiled reassuringly at her. “Never think we do not enjoy this time here with you, learning about your world, and spending time with you. We do, very much.” He sighed. “It will not be a problem.”

“Okay... I promise I’ll try and find some places we can go where there are less people.” She noticed the name of the station they were rolling into. “We’re getting off here.”

Contrary to what they had expected, Martouf and Lantash had enjoyed the trip in the ‘London Eye’, and looking out over London from the 443 feet height of the Ferris wheel.

Afterwards, Sam and Martouf/Lantash had gone to a Thai restaurant, and eaten some very delicious food, and shared a bottle of wine. It had been a great day and early evening. Now, however, they were very much looking forward to spending some more private time together.

“I’d better give Stargate Command a call and see if they got things sorted out with the NID, and if there’s anything new on the Colonel and Kanan.”

“I am sure they will contact you if there is anything important to say,” Martouf said, not understanding the need to keep in contact with her superiors the whole time. When Tok’ra were on an undercover mission, they were usually out of contact, except for extreme emergencies, and the rare, smuggled out crystals with data.

“Probably - still...” Sam looked somewhat embarrassed. She dialled the number as they entered their hotel room.

Martouf nodded, accepting her decision. After all, he was the stranger here, and she knew how things were done in her organisation. “Lantash and I will take a shower while you talk to Stargate Command.”

“Was there any important information?” Lantash asked, as he stepped out from the bathroom, wearing only a towel that hung low on his waist.

Sam stared at Lantash for a few moments, thinking about how wonderful it would be to kiss him, run her hands over his chest, over his back, down to his ass, and take that towel off him. Then she would... she shook herself, pulling her concentration back to the conversation.

“Well, the NID is pretty angry, but since one of their agents there had been taken over by a Goa’uld, they can’t complain much. Anise is looking into whether or not any of the NID agents are involved in the conspiracy, but it doesn’t look that way. The infant Goa’uld weren’t trying to do anything but get off the planet.”

Lantash smirked, having obviously noticed her preoccupation with his body. “What about Kanan and the Colonel, then?”

“Anise will attempt to treat them, as you said before.” Sam sighed. “She is hopeful it will help, at least.” She frowned. “Oh, Stargate Command - through our British allies - are negotiating with the museum... about the stasis jar and stuff. Dad said that... Malek, I think, and a couple specialists from Stargate Command, would go there and look at the problem.”

“That is good.” Lantash suddenly grinned. “Are you going to take that bath you wanted, or shall I just help you undress?”

“Be nice!” Sam smiled and quickly snatched the nightgown she had decided to wear before hurrying out into the bathroom. The very sexy nightgown that Lantash had picked out some days ago - she really hoped he would like her in it!

Chapter 10: Together