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Chapter 14: Fulfillment
Summary: Teal'c enjoys some private time with a local woman named Nissa.
Warning: sex
Pairing: Teal'c/OFC

Nissa pulled Teal’c with her into the hut. He did not resist - he merely smiled foolishly. The aphrodisiac might not be affecting him much, but Nissa was a beautiful woman, and Teal’c found her very attractive.

As soon as they were inside, Nissa stood on her toes and kissed Teal’c passionately, while caressing his strongly muscled arms. She pulled back and looked at him, smiling and with a hungry look in her eyes.

Remembering the words from Nissa’s friend, Teal’c realized what she might like. He spun her around and pinned her against the wall. He kissed her neck and nibbled on the soft skin there.

“Teal’c! Yes!” Nissa exclaimed, then moaned as he continued kissing and sucking on her neck.

“You like this?” Teal’c slid an arm around her waist, keeping her locked in place, while he used the other to fondle her.

“Yes... very much!” Nissa moaned appreciatively as she felt his manhood stir.

Her dress was fastened in the neck with a single tie, and Teal’c pulled it, releasing her dress, which slid down in a puddle on the floor.

“You are as beautiful as the dawn on Chulak.” He kissed her on the neck again.

He lifted her up in his arms and his gaze slid appreciatively over her slim body. He noticed her dress was still stuck on her feet. Taking a better grip with his right arm, he let go with his left, and let the hand slide from her thighs, down over her knees, to her feet, pushing the dress off and letting it fall. Nissa smiled appreciatively at this display of strength, and snuggled closer to him.

Teal’c walked to the bed and gently put her down, then removed what little clothing he, himself, was wearing. He crawled onto the bed, and lay down over her.

Nissa smiled and reached up to fondle his arms and chest. “You are so handsome, Teal’c...”

He slid down her body, dropping kisses here and there. Reaching her feet, he seated himself before them, and reached out to grab her ankles and pull her towards him. She squealed delightfully and giggled.

Teal’c leaned down and reached under her, placing his hands on her buttocks. He lifted her, so his mouth aligned with her pussy, and her legs spilled over his arms. Her neck and shoulders still rested on the bed, and he smiled down at her, before he started to eat her out.

Nissa was heavily affected by the aphrodisiac, and she started thrashing and tearing at the bed sheets almost immediately. Teal’c grinned, pleased. “It would seem you are ready for further action already.”

He rose from the bed, and she eagerly followed him. He lifted her, putting an arm under her butt, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He used his free, left hand to caress her ass and thighs. It was obvious he was enjoying himself, as his shaft was now very hard.

Nissa moaned and squealed happily against him, doing her best to rub against him. He grabbed his cock and started teasing her with the tip, sliding it in gently between her pussy lips.

This made Nissa groan, and she again did her best to press herself against him harder, trying to make his hard cock glide into her. “Please take me. Please... I want to feel you inside me. I need to feel you inside me!” she insisted.

“With pleasure!” Teal’c was by now feeling very agreeable to this suggestion, and he aligned his shaft with her opening. He slid his left hand to the small of her back, and used the other to give her a small nudge upwards. His hands landed on her hips, as gravity impaled her on his cock.

She made a surprised gasp, which immediately changed to a low moan, as he seized her hips and started pumping her up and down. Nissa soon babbled incoherently, and started touching him wherever she could reach.

Teal’c dug his hands into her hips, and continued fucking her in this manner for some time, until he felt the need to change position. He carried her to the bed and lifted her off his cock, and threw her on the bed. She landed with a squeal.

“Please... please, come to me, my mighty warrior!” she begged. “Show me why you are the best of the men on this planet!”

Teal’c grabbed her left ankle, and with one fluid motion, he turned her over on the stomach. He grinned, and continued playing the role that clearly turned her on. “Raise your mikta, woman!” He swatted her lightly over the ass.

She obeyed quickly, and eagerly pushed her butt up towards him. Teal’c took hold of her hips and pulled her to him, sinking into her in one thrust. Nissa made a satisfied gasp as he hit bottom, and started pounding into her.

Teal’c soon noticed she was getting close to coming, and decided it was time to exert some extra control. He pulled out of her, and leaned down over her, placing a hand under her breasts, drawing her up to him. He caressed her, sliding his hands down over her body, and kissed her neck, then grinned and barked, “Give me your hands, woman!”

She did, gasping and whimpering softly, so aroused was she. He took her hands in his and pulled her back on his shaft again. He started fucking her, by alternating between thrusting forward while pulling her arms back towards him. Nissa wailed in pleasure and disbelief, as his cock grew even larger in her.

“Teal’c! Yes! Take... me... take me hard!” Nissa stuttered.

Teal’c now felt close to coming himself, and with a grin her let her fall forward, flat on her stomach. He followed close behind, and used his muscular thighs to spread her legs wide apart, then drove into her.

He hung on her hips, suspending himself on his arms, as he hammered into her. She was totally pinned down under him, and was by now utterly incoherent in her sounds. She made a low, wailing cry as she came, and Teal’c groaned as he felt her pussy contract around his cock, pushing him over. He came in copious amounts, as he clung to her.

Panting, they lay like that for several minutes, before either of them had the strength to move.

Teal’c rolled off her, and pulled her to him, smiling softly at Nissa. “It was wonderful. You are wonderful. I hope this was... acceptable for you?”

She smiled, tiredly. “It was everything I had hoped for! Exactly, what I had hoped. So wonderful!”

Pleased, Teal’c smiled at her, and gave her a kiss, which she returned, before snuggling close to him. They fell asleep like that, in each others arms.

Chapter 15: First Times