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Chapter 12 summary: SG-1 search the old Tok'ra base, and find that it is still liveable and will provide a perfect hiding place until the Ori leave the planet.

"So, what did you find?" Mitchell asked, when they had all returned to where they had entered the tunnels.

"The place is pretty big. There's rooms with bathing pools - functioning, I might add - a large mess hall and kitchen, storage rooms still containing clothing, weapons, and various stuff we haven't check out further. There's also almost a hundred personal quarters, and there were probably more once, because we found collapsed tunnels in several places," Daniel told them.

"We also found food stores, with some food still in stasis, as well as dry goods which...may be edible," Martouf said.

"Edible if we're desperate, but I agree," Sam added.

"Okay, that's good news! Check out those storage rooms some more, while Teal'c and I go take a look at the Stargate. Martouf...this is where you believe the Stargate is located?" Mitchell asked, pointing at the map Martouf had drawn.

"Yes. You are certain you would not rather I accompany you and Teal'c?"

"We can handle it. Go help with the inventory."

"Yes, sir." Martouf joined the others, who were going to make lists over everything in the tunnels. They might very well have to stay there for weeks, waiting for the Ori to leave, so it was fortunate the place was still functional.

"Samantha. I have found a room with a wide sleeping platform. Lantash and I were thinking you might...ah..." Martouf blushed before Lantash could control the reaction.

"Share it with you?" Sam smiled. "I would love to! It's not as if it's a secret we're together again - the others all know already." She put her arms around his waist.

"Thank you, Samantha." Martouf embraced her and pulled her closer. "We very much look forward to living together with you again, even under these circumstances."

"So do I, and we will escape the Ori!" She kissed him, then looked at him with a naughty glint in her eyes. "Why don't you show me this room?"

"With pleasure, Samantha...and I found something else I think you will like." He tried to look mysterious.

"Oh, and what is that?"

"The quarters have a small adjoining room with a personal bathing pool - I didn't think any of the rooms in these tunnels would have that."

"That sounds wonderful! I really hope we can get them to work - I mean, it did look as if the water was still supplying the faucets and whatnot when we checked earlier, and the bigger pools worked."

"I already determined the pool works." Martouf smiled. "I have set it to run a cleaning cycle, so we will be able to use it later today."

"I am such a lucky woman." Sam kissed him again.

Martouf had just deepened the kiss, when someone spoke behind them.

"Um...sorry to interrupt, but could you help us with something, Martouf?" Daniel asked.

He sighed. "Yes, sure."

"We were going to make something to eat, and we found a pie ready for baking in one of the stasis units, but we can't figure out how to get the oven to work." Daniel admitted, feeling foolish.

"Maybe it doesn't?" Sam suggested. "I mean, how hard can it be to get an oven to work?"

"I think it has power, so..." Daniel shrugged. "It should work."

"I will take a look at it." Martouf promised.

"The oven is powered by a small naquadah power cell. There should be a switch here..." He felt on the back of the unit, and found it. "The power cell must be in active mode, or the oven will not work."

"Light came on when we opened the door." Vala complained. "And there's a whole slew of buttons and dials on the front."

"Yes, the light and the display are powered by an independent power source. I actually don't know why," Martouf said.

"Never mind that. I assume you know how the various settings work?" Daniel asked.

Martouf nodded. "This oven is an old one, but yes, it seems to follow the same basic principles as the ones we use in the tunnels now." He fiddled with the control for a few moments, then hit the start button. "I believe this should be the correct setting. The oven will turn off on its own when the sensors determine the pie is baked."

"Neat - but a bit controlling. What if I'm making cookies and want them extra-crispy, but other people want theirs to be chewy?" Vala said.

"You can change the default settings that have been programmed in. It should not be too difficult. I have done it sometimes, but on the newer versions of the ovens, of course."

"I didn't know you had worked in the kitchen in the tunnels? I mean, I've seen you be a guard, a runner for the council, a diplomat, a scientist, go on missions with us...and several other jobs, but never in the kitchen," Sam remarked.

"While there is usually one or two Tok'ra working as chefs on each base, everyone has kitchen duty regularly."

"Everyone? Even Garshaw?" Sam grinned.

"Yes, everyone. Even Garshaw." He smiled. "I did not say she likes it - but she does it."

"Must be hard on those who were born Goa'uld!" Vala observed.

It was almost evening when Teal'c and Mitchell returned from their scouting mission to the Stargate.

"How did it go?" Sam asked, when the door had closed behind them.

"Teal'c caught a deer." Mitchell pointed towards the rather large deer Teal'c was carrying over his shoulders. "That's about the only positive thing I have to say."

"That's great! Good work, Teal'c!" Vala smiled at him.

"Thank you."

"Did you find the chaapa'ai?" Martouf wondered.

"Yes, no problem. It was actually almost exactly where you had guessed it would be. No, the problem is that it's guarded. Like, there's an entire army sitting on it!" He sighed. "We waited for several hours to see if there was any variation, but except for a
change of guard, there was nothing."

"That's bad. How many were there?" Sam asked.

"About 30, heavily armed." Teal'c told her.


"Did they appear less attentive during the change of guard?" Martouf wanted to know.

"No, unfortunately not," Mitchell said. "Well, at least they didn't see us, and sooner or later they'll give up and leave."

"And we get to eat roasted deer for a couple days!" Vala pointed out.

"They are still there!" Sam said, exasperated.

She and Martouf had just returned from the check they did of the Stargate every other day. It had been almost two weeks since they found the tunnels to hide in. The Ori soldiers kept up a presence on the planet - one group in the village, and one, larger one, near the Stargate. They had not found the tunnels, nor had SG-1 had any close encounters with them when out looking for food.

"No change?" Mitchell asked.

"There are fewer of them now, and they seem less attentive. Several of them sat around in groups and talked," Martouf said.

"True," Sam agreed.

"Perhaps we can get out of here soon, then." Mitchell looked a little happier.

Chapter 13: A Surprising Find - and a Decision