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* denotes host/symbiote internal communication

Chapter 16 summary: The Ori guards seem to have left the Stargate, and SG-1 decide to take the chance to get home, hoping it is not a trap.

"Ready!" Martouf said, as he finished packing the last of the bags with everything people wanted to bring.

"Wow! You're great at packing - and fast!" Sam said, impressed.

"All Tok'ra have much experience in packing and evacuating quickly - unfortunately." Martouf gave her a wry grin.

"Of course." Sam nodded.

"We're leaving, then," Mitchell said.

They all loaded the bags onto their backs, and left through the secret entrance. No one seemed to be around, and they set out for the Stargate at a steady pace. Teal'c and Mitchell walked in the front, followed by Daniel, Vala, and Sam. Martouf/Lantash brought up the rear. This way they hoped to best be able to protect the Tok'ra queen.

All went well until they were maybe a mile from the Stargate.

"Samantha," Martouf said, in a low voice. "Someone is following us."

"Are you certain?" Sam strained her hearing.

"Yes." Martouf confirmed. "I thought I noticed someone earlier, but I wasn't sure. Now I am."

Sam suddenly heard something in the bushes not far behind them. "Okay, I believe you!" she whispered.

Mitchell had turned to see what was going on, and Sam gave him a sign that someone was following and where they were. He nodded and turned back to inform Teal'c and then the others.

Now very much on guard, they continued walking. They had gotten almost to the Stargate, when suddenly a group of Ori soldiers materialized in front of them. The one that had been following them, must have called in for reinforcements.

"Get down!" Mitchell yelled, as they all dove for the nearest cover.

"We have to get out of here!" Martouf said, as he killed another enemy with his staff weapon. "We have killed or disabled about ten, but I count twice as many left, and I am sure more will come."

"Agreed!" Sam ducked behind the large rock after sending off several shots at the group of Ori warriors near the Stargate. "Unfortunately, there's no where to run, except through the Stargate."

"Exactly. We must take out those soldiers near the chaapa'ai, and keep the area clear long enough to dial out and escape." Martouf aimed at one of the Ori followers and fired a shot after him, barely grazing the man, who happened to move just then.

"There's some cover near the DHD, and here and there between us and it, but not very much. It would have to be done very quickly...and it would still be dangerous." Sam judged.

"We disable those four." He nodded towards the men standing beside the DHD. "Then you and the others cover me as I run for it." He shot at the Ori soldiers, felling one of them.

"I don't like it." Sam said, frowning. She glanced nervously at Martouf.

"Do you have a better idea?"

She watched as Mitchell shot and killed one of the Ori warriors, and then she killed another one herself. "No, but..."

"Then we follow my plan." Martouf signalled Mitchell, Teal'c, Vala, and Daniel that he was going to try to get to the DHD, then gave control to Lantash, who shot the last of the guards near the Stargate and immediately ran for it.

Terrified she would lose him, Sam fired a steady barrage of shots at the Ori soldiers who had stepped out to take the places of their fallen comrades, and made them jump back to safety. Mitchell and Teal'c each kept one of the two other enemy groups occupied, and Vala and Daniel shot any stragglers.

Lantash reached a fallen tree about half-way to the DHD, and dove for cover behind it, as one shot just zipped past him. He quickly checked for enemies, then launched himself on the next part of the trip, throwing himself the last part and landing safely behind a low wall near the DHD - the remnant of a guard house that once had stood there.

He crawled the few feet to the DHD, then reached up and pressed the glyphs for a random safe-world, taking care not to bare too much of himself to the open. The occasional blast from the Ori staff weapons zipped by, but none of them hit him, despite a few coming uncomfortably close. Finally, he hit the center button and the Stargate activated.

Relieved, he returned completely to cover behind the wall, gesturing to the others.

The Stargate itself was very close to the nearest group of trees, which grew almost beside it. The others would be able to traverse that distance safely - more or less. Lantash on the other hand would be out in the open during the traversal of the stretch from the DHD to the Stargate - a short distance as well, fortunately.

Sam had reached the trees and stayed behind them, covered. The others let off a volley of shots at the Ori soldiers, and she threw herself at the wormhole, reaching it safely and going through it. Daniel was next, followed by Vala. Mitchell and Teal'c fired at the enemy, providing cover as Lantash ran the short distance out in the open from the DHD to the wormhole, jumping through it and rolling out on the other side, a staff blast zinging his shoulder lightly.

Mitchell and Teal'c followed moments later. On the other side, they all stood at the ready, weapons aimed at the open wormhole. None else came through, though, and it shut down seconds later.

Not wasting any time, Lantash dialed a new address, and they all hurried through. The Ori soldiers had certainly seen the address they had gone to first, but now they would be safe.

They all took a moment to relax, before Lantash walked to the DHD. "Does anyone have a GDO?"

"Yes, here," Mitchell said. "Though I guess it may be locked out. We'll soon know, though." He took out his radio. "Dial - I'll see what they have to say."

Lantash nodded and dialled the address to Earth.

Sam stepped up to him as the wormhole formed, lightly touching the spot on his shoulder where the staff blast had burned his clothing. "Are you okay, Lantash?"

"I am fine, Samantha, thank you." He turned to smile at her. "The blast did not penetrate to the skin, and while there was some brief pain from the heat, I have already healed the small amount of damage."

"I'm glad." She smiled at him, kissing him.

"The GDO shows an okay for having received and accepted my code," Mitchell told them. His radio beeped, and he activated it. "Mitchell."

"This is Landry. Good to hear your voice, we were getting worried."

"Not as much as we were," Mitchell said. "Everything's fine now, though."

"Did you get our people?"

"I have all of them here. We're coming home."

"You're welcome. Looking forward to the briefing. Landry, out."

"You heard the man. We're going home!"

Sam kissed Lantash again, and he took her hand, entwining his fingers with hers. Together, they walked through the Stargate, the others following close behind.

They were finally going home.


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