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Warning: sex (het)

Chapter 6 summary: Sam and Martouf/Lantash find themselves locked up in a basement, awaiting the return of their friends the next day, who will hopefully be able to get them released. Meanwhile, Sam and Martouf/Lantash find the opportunity to spend intimate time together.

Sam and Martouf/Lantash were led through dark and narrow passageways for what seemed like hours, but was probably no more than 30 minutes. Finally, they came to a building near the edge of the city surrounding Eris's palace, and Theros knocked on a door. It was opened by a nervous looking man.

"Ihnak, these are the prisoners your goddess wishes you to guard," Theros said, looking very self-important.

"Of course, my lord, I shall guard them well." He bowed.

"You better, or Eris will punish you and your family severely. Be careful - they are sneaky and full of trickery."

"I will not let Eris down," Ihnak said, looking terrified. "I have a secure place, and my two oldest sons will take turns watching it."

"Good, take us there."

Ihnak bowed his head respectfully. "Of course, come this way."

He took them to a back room, with an open trapdoor in the floor. Beside it stood two teenage boys and tried to look tough, wielding an axe and a wooden spear.

"That place is secure?" Theros asked.

"I would bet my life on it."

"That's exactly what you're doing!" He turned to Sam and Martouf/Lantash. "Get down there, scum!" He looked as if he considered pushing them, then remembered Mitchell and Teal'c would be coming back. With weapons, perhaps. They would not appreciate their friends being harmed. He looked unhappy, but did not give his prisoners a push. Instead he turned on his heal. "Keep them alive - I shall be back for them when they are needed."

Martouf looked around in the semi-darkness. The room was fairly large, and seemed to normally be used for storage. Several boxes stood in one corner, as well as many full and half-full sacks of unknown content. At the far corner, hay had been strewn, and he noticed several blankets. That was something, at least. The boxes could probably be used to fashion a table and something to sit on as well.

The room was lighted by a small, naquadah-powered lamp, no doubt pilfered from the palace by Theros. Lantash remarked dryly that they probably did not dare give them something that could be used to burn down the place.

"Gloomy," Sam remarked.

"Yes," Martouf agreed. "Though not as bad as it could have been - at least there is a barrel with water for us." He used a small cup to scoop up some of the water and tasted it. "It's good - Lantash says there's nothing harmful in it."

"Perhaps Theros intends to keep his promise and not harm us."

"He fears Mitchell and Teal'c will return with weapons and forces to kill not only the Prior, but Eris - and himself - as well. We are his assurance against that happening. At least he hopes we are."

Sam nodded. "So we'll be safe - just not comfortable." She looked towards the boxes. "We should search the room and see if they've left anything we can use to escape."

"I can't find any way out, but I checked the sacks - they all contain either flour, potato-like tubers, or beans," Sam said.

"The crates hold food as well," Martouf replied. "Apples, turnips, and dried dates."

"Well, at least there's food down here, then. Even if they don't feed us, we won't starve - even though I guess the apples and the dates are the only things we can eat without some sort of preparation."

"Yes, this place is clearly used for storage."

"Well, good! I'm starving! Hand me a couple of those apples, will you?"

"I suspect they will not appreciate us eating any of this. I am sure they will feed us - eventually."

"Well, what can they do? We're their guarantee Mitchell and Teal'c won't attack them. Starve if you want - I'm gonna get something to eat!" Sam said, walking up to the nearest box - which were open - and grabbing one of the apples in it.

Martouf took her arm. "Samantha...I don't want to risk them hurting you."

Sam smiled at him. "That's sweet..." She sighed. "Listen, I'll put this one down, and go grab one from one of the crates at the back. They'll never notice - or at least not until we're long gone. Hopefully."

Martouf nodded, realizing his concern for Sam was clouding his reason. "Lantash agrees. They are unlikely to find out anytime soon. We will do as you suggest."

When they had eaten enough dates and apples to feel full, and drunk some of the water, they felt quite well, and went to the hay in the corner and sat down in it.

"If all goes well, we should not have to stay here for long," Sam said. "It shouldn't take Mitchell and Teal'c long to get the anti-Prior device and get back with a team. The Prior is probably still here, or will return to the palace soon, so if we're lucky, they could take him out tomorrow already."

"And we will be free - unless Theros betrays us," Martouf concluded.

"I'm sure Mitchell will insist on having us handed over to him before he takes on the Prior - and Theros should be smart enough to realize that device is the only thing that can take out the Prior - and save his precious 'Lord Eris'."

"You are very sure."

"Yes - SG-1 has excellent luck in getting away, even if we have the rotten luck of always being captured. All three of us are part of SG-1, so we'll be fine," Sam insisted, trying to convince herself as much as Martouf and Lantash.

He nodded. "Very true." He smiled at her. "Let us talk about something more pleasant..." He edged a little closer to her and put an arm around her. "My Samantha." He kissed her softly.

Sam sighed and kissed him back. She put her arms around him and leaned into the kiss, deepening it.

A few moments later, they let go of each other quickly, as someone opened the trapdoor.

"Time for a trip to the facilities - and then you'll get some food." Ihnak shouted at them. "Hurry up!" He lowered the ladder.

They quickly went to the ladder and began climbing up.

"Sure this is wise?" another male voice said from somewhere above them.

"We have got the energy weapons the lord Theros gave us - and he made us swear to take good care of them. No one is going to be able to complain that we did not! They will be in prime condition for our goddess Eris, for when she gets them back." He snickered evilly.

"All right...just hurry up - I do not wish to miss the meeting that we are invited to - with this Prior. They say he can cure any disease, and heal any infirmity." He gave Martouf a push so he moved faster, then glared angrily at Sam, who had just climbed up from the basement.

"Well that was disturbing news!" Sam said, as soon as they were back down in their underground prison.

There had been no opportunity to escape while they were topside - apart from Ihnak and his two oldest sons, two other men had been present, guarding them. Apparently they had come to pick up Ihnak and take him to this meeting that the Prior had clearly arranged for the locals.

"Very disturbing." Martouf frowned. "The Ori wish to increase their chances at success - no doubt the Prior is meeting with both the Jaffa and the humans, aside from Eris. Our problems may be even greater than we thought."

"Yeah, we must hope Mitchell and the others succeed in disabling the powers of the Prior for long enough to kill him."

"That may not save us if the population has been...bedazzled by the Prior." He sighed.

"Well, we can't actually do anything right now," Sam said, yawning. "I suggest we sleep, so we're ready for whatever happens tomorrow."

"A sensible suggestion." Martouf smiled. "Samantha...may we hold you?"

"Yes, of course." Sam smiled. "I hoped you would say that!" She kicked off her boots and dropped her jacket, then went to lie down on one of the blankets they had placed over the hay. "Come." She patted the blanket.

"Certainly!" Martouf removed boots and jacket as well, and joined Sam on the blanket, pulling another one over them before snuggling up to Sam.

"Mmm...nice and cozy," Sam said. "I have really missed this." She wriggled a little against him, trying to get as close as possible.

Martouf gasped, as Sam's movement caused her to rub against his already semi-erect shaft. "Samantha..."

"Sorry!" Sam blushed, happy she had her back to him, and that the light was low in this part of the room.

"No need to apologize. You are just having the same...ah...effect on us, as you always do, beloved," Martouf murmured, as he buried his face in her neck.

"Oh...and what effect is that?" Sam grinned, as she rubbed her ass against his now rapidly hardening member.

"You are teasing us!" Martouf complained. He kissed her neck softly. "You are naughty..."

"Perhaps...what would you do about that?" She turned partially towards him.

"I believe...we need punish you," He said, the sentence broken by the kisses he slowly trailed towards her mouth. "Lantash thinks we should do that by testing how much pleasure you can handle. What do you say?"

"Ah...I think he will be surprised. I can handle a lot. I am in serious pleasure-deficiency!" Sam smiled mischievously at him.

Martouf dipped his head, giving Lantash control.

"A challenge!" He grinned. "We accept!" He quickly flipped her over on her back and lay down on her, catching her mouth in a heated kiss. "My sweet, beloved Samantha."

Sam threw her arms and legs around him and kissed him back, giggling a little. As the kiss grew more passionate, she rapidly forgot everything but that - and Lantash's hands that were caressing her and already causing her more pleasure than she had felt in a long long time.

She helpfully raised herself a little as he quickly pulled off her t-shirt. He spent a moment admiring her, feeling happier than he had in a very long time. He returned his focus to her bra, slipping a finger under the band, and following it to the back, unclasping it.

Lantash cupped her breasts in his hands, kneading them softly. Leaning down, he kissed and licked one of her nipples, sucking on it, while he continued caressing the other.

Sam made a soft moan and ran her hands through his hair. "Lantash..." She found the place on his neck where she could best pleasure him directly, pressing and stroking him the way she remembered would arose him the most.

He gasped and looked up at her, flashing his eyes. "Martouf and I wishes to make love to you slowly, beloved, making sure you are well and thoroughly satisfied. You are...ah...testing our resolve..."

"Did I say I wanted it slow?" Sam pulled him in for a kiss. "It has been so long since I made love to you, and I miss being close to you. Miss it desperately. We can take it slow and wonderful and time, but right now I just need to feel you inside me. Okay?"

Lantash nodded, smiling. "Yes, that would be...most agreeable to us as well."

"Then let's get out of some of these clothes, hmm?" Sam winked suggestively at him, pulling at his shirt.

"A...very good idea." He swallowed, then quickly tore off his shirt, throwing it aside, before unbuttoning his pants and shrugging them off.

Sam spent a moment admiring his body, noting he looked as fit and handsome as he did last time she saw him naked. He looked very, very sexy. She ran a hand down over his chest to his flat stomach, enjoying the feeling of soft skin over hard muscles. She cupped the hard bulge in his underpants, making him gasp. She stroked him firmly there for a few moments, feeling him actually harden even further, the tip of his shaft peeking out of his underwear. He closed his eyes, a sensuous expression on his face. He parted his lips and slowly ran his tongue over them. She looked at him, enthralled, as she continued pleasuring him, feeling herself grow wetter.

Giving him one more squeeze, she let go as she focused on getting rid of her own clothing. Lantash sighed and opened his eyes, which were dark with desire. He got out of his own underwear, while he watched Sam shrug out of her pants and panties. As soon as they were naked, he kissed her deeply, pressing his body against hers and pinning her down in the hay.

He caressed her breasts, and rubbed her nipples until they were hard points, then slipped a hand down between her legs, spreading her labia and sliding a finger between them. He placed hot kisses from her mouth, down to her jaw, on to her throat, continuing to her breasts. All the time he nipped, licked, kissed - knowing exactly how to pleasure her and drawing moans and gasps from her. His hand kept busy between her legs, fingers stroking her clit, rubbing it gently, then a little harder as she grew wetter. Now and then he dipped a finger, or two, inside, but constantly keeping his thumb on her sensitive spot.

Sam whimpered and bucked against his hand, desperately wanting, needing, more. "Lantash..." She swallowed. "Please..."

"Please, what?" He grinned smugly.

She groaned. "Take me! Please!" She placed one hand on the place on his neck where she had been pleasuring him earlier, beginning to caress him again. She put her other hand on his shaft, fondling him there as well.

Lantash made a half-strangled gasp and thrust against her hand, then leaned down and caught her mouth in a fiery kiss.

He spread her and pressed his cock against her opening, then pushed forward hard, sinking deeply. They both gasped at the sensation. "Is this...what you want?" He asked, his voice hoarse with desire.

"Gods! Yes!" Sam gasped, wrapping her legs around him and arching upwards, causing him to slide in deeper. He was filling her so completely, so wonderfully.

Lantash moaned and shuddered at the extra sensation, then started rocking against her slowly, setting up a steady rhythm. After a few thrusts, he gave control to Martouf, who continued without missing a beat.

Sam touched him all over, wherever she could reach. She rubbed his nipples, slid her hands over his chest, down his sides, up his back, revelling in the feeling of having him this close again.

He started moving a little faster, his strokes becoming longer, harder. Sam moaned, the pleasure almost enough to push her over. She was so close...almost there...she bucked upwards in time with each of his thrusts, reaching for the orgasm which was so near. If he would just take her a little harder...

Martouf kept that rhythm, trying not to give in and take her as hard as he wanted to, trying to make this last just a little longer. He was not sure he could, though. He felt his resolve weakening, and it did not help that Sam was moaning her desire for him to take her harder, faster - and Lantash agreed with her, insisting Martouf complied with her wish, or he would take command and do so.

Groaning, he increased his speed, giving in to their wishes. Sam cried out almost immediately, as she came hard, writhing under him.

"Samantha!" Martouf gasped as her pussy convulsed around his shaft, the extra sensation making him forget everything else. He started pounding into her, unable to think of anything but the pleasure which was quickly spiralling out of control.

It did not take more than a few more hard thrusts before he shuddered against her, spilling his seed inside her. He collapsed on, and just lay there for a few moments, catching his breath, before he kissed her deeply and rolled off her, afraid he was squeezing her.

Sam smiled at him, looking happy and satisfied. "I love you, Martouf and Lantash."

"My sweet, beloved Samantha." Martouf smiled back at her, then snuggled up to her, pulling a blanket over them. "We love you as well. Always."

Despite the fact that they were currently prisoners, all three of them slept better that night than they had in a very long time.

Chapter 7: Ori Planet